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Laurie Magers - Executive Assistant to Zig Ziglar

Laurie Magers was Zig Ziglar's Executive Assistant forever.

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I am a HUGE (even though I am 5 foot one inch tall myself) Zig fan!

I have seen him speak 9 times.

I have taken his Born To Win course in Texas with my friend Keith Bodger.

I have owned and listened to every recording he has and read every book, most of them more than once and some of them many, many times more than once.

Enjoy this article about an amazing woman you may never have heard of but who is just as amazing as Zig. 

ABOVE: Zig with his wife, The Redhead, as he affectionately called her

Below is an article from one of the Ziglar Newsletters about Laurie.

Schooling vs. Education by Zig Ziglar

ABOVE: Zig with his granddaughter Alexandra, Tom Ziglar's daughter.

My Executive Assistant, Laurie Magers, has worked with me over thirty-three years.  Although her formal education ended with the tenth grade, Laurie is far more educated and competent than any college graduate I have ever had in that position.  Here is why.

Laurie clearly understands that you can finish school – and, incidentally, she encourages everyone to do exactly that – but you never finish your education.  You can make school easy; that is not true with education.  Many times it is very difficult and it is a lifetime project.

Laurie keeps her dictionary handy, reads a lot of exceptionally good material, attends seminars, is a student of human nature and learns constantly.  The result is significant.  When anyone on our staff has a question about grammar or punctuation, they go to Laurie and get her input.  Nearly fifteen years ago we conducted an evaluation of our key employees, and Laurie graded out at slightly above the Masters Degree level.  The exciting thing is that she has not really done anything thats not available to most people who will be reading this column.

The neat thing about America is that if you are reading this column you can get a brilliant education for no more than the cost of getting back and forth from the library.  You can read the world’s great authors in the library itself, or you can check the books out and take them home.  Commitment, persistence, and a plan of action will provide you with the education you need to climb much higher on the success ladder.

The message I am communicating should be quite clear: Dont let a lack of schooling be an excuse for not getting an education.  I can assure you it will affect your personal life, your family life and your career.  So, get that education and Ill SEE YOU AT THE TOP

To contact Laurie Magers, visit the Ziglar company website.

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