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Lee Thurburn Interviewed for Journey To Success Radio

Lee Thurburn, Founder of NetOffer Inc and the National Speaker Registry, was interviewed by Taylor Tagg for the Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio station.

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About Lee

Lee Thurburn, President of NetOffer, Inc., has over 16 years experience with Online Marketing and Internet Systems. As founder of FlashNet in 1995 Mr. Thurburn oversaw the growth and development of a company that successfully completed an IPO less than 30 months after formation. 

NetOffer is a Business Social Media Marketing technology provider offering a unique and powerful suite of ‘social media’ technologies in an integrated software system that enables clients to market their businesses in a much more efficient and cost effective manner than would be possible using other currently available systems.

Lee Thurburn spoke to Journey to Success to explain how easy and affordable the NetOffer system is to build a custom website, grow a business list, and automate all marketing messages in one place! 

Lee Thurburn frequently speaks on the subjects of how to leverage social media technologies to increase sales and lower marketing costs. Mr. Thurburn focuses his attention on education of the audience as educated clients make the best decisions.

If you desire more information, or wish to have Lee Thurburn speak to your group, please call 214-772-6854.

Building an Online Business

#1) Creating a website is expensive

Truth: There are plenty of companies that would be delighted to charge you $500 to $5000 to build you a basic business website. What most people do not realize is that building a slick, modern, 21st century website with interactive elements is so easy with modern tools that most people simply do not need to spend much on a website.NetOffer charges just $27.00 per month and we build a customized 4-page website that most of our competitors would charge $500 to $1000 for if you asked them.

#2) Creating a website takes a long time

Truth: If you provide the content and graphics in advance we can usually build your website within a couple of days. Usually, it takes more time for you to assemble the content than it does for us to build the website.

#3) Websites are complicated and difficult to update

Truth: We use Word Press as our website engine. Word Press is a both a Blog system and a CMS. CMS stands for Content Management System. Think of Word Press as being sort of like MS-Word. If you can use MS-Word to create a letter then hit the ‘print’ button you can easily use Word Press to create a web page and instead of ‘print’ you click a ‘publish’ button.Seriously… it is very simple. We will teach you so you do not have to call us each time you want to change something simple.

#4) SEO is difficult to learn and takes years to master

Truth: Actually, SEO is simple and can be learned quickly by anyone. It does, however, take time to implement because it involves a lot of little details. If you want to do this yourself you may find it fun. If you want to have someone else do it for you we will be glad to help, or, you can have anyone else help you. You are not locked into use our services if you get a website with NetOffer.We provide you with the tools you need, and training and help if you wish. But… we have plenty of clients who hire others to manage the SEO and Content creation process.

#5) Creating a website takes a long time

Truth: In reality building a website goes pretty quick with the modern CMS tools that are available today. Most customized websites can be completed within a few hours. Gathering the content and graphics usually takes much longer than assembling that information into a website.

#6) Mobile Websites are Expensive

Truth: NetOffer provides a ‘Standard Mobile Website’ for an optional fee of $27.00 per month. This is a 4 page mobile specific website that makes it easy for people to see your site when they are on their smart phone. Most people who build mobile sites charge several hundred $s to get you set up, but not NeOffer. Just select the Mobile Upgrade Option and your Mobile Site will be enable within a couple of days for just $27.00 per month added to your monthly fee.

NetOffer Testimonials

Valerie Grimes is a Clinical Hypnotist and the owner of

After several years of “trying” to do my own web, I decided it was time to the pros handle it, I’m great at my craft, but not at SEO marketing.

It turned out to be a good decision because several weeks after I turned it over, I got a call from my web and made a sale…that hasn’t happened in years, and it happened again the next week too.

Since then I’ve increased my monthly budget with NetOffer, you have to spend money to make money is a very true statement.

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