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len swanson ceo of global energy technologies institute on journey to success radio

Len Swanson is the CEO of Global Energy Technologies Institute and a big promoter and advocate of the 2015 Year of the Veteran.

TechBlocks VP Business Development, Peter Goral, and I interviewed Len for Journey To Success Radio. It will air Wednesday Monday, March 23rd.

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about len swanson

As a Vietnam Veteran, Len has over 34 years of management and innovation experience, beginning with his first career as an Officer in the United States Air Force. His global learning experiences provided him with the knowledge and insight to develop and manage one of the most dynamic Global Workforce Development Alliances ever assembled.  

GETI is dedicated to providing pathways for all Veterans (including Canadian) who seek to transition into being a part of their local, regional civilian workforce and communities once more. 

As the Chairman/CEO of GETI and GETIcareers Foundation, Len Swanson and his Alliance partners have developed a specialized niche of alliances that provide Career Assessment, Counseling and Job Development and Training Solutions that along with their Holistic Wellness Solutions and Clinics for all Veterans are capable of channeling towards the vast HR needs of U.S. national and global Industrial markets.

They believe that they have developed a unique nation building model in conjunction with different Industry alliances that can foster many new joint collaborative ventures through the auspices of GETIcareers and GETI to meet similar workforce needs of emerging Nations as well.  

Whole Soldier for Life Transitional Solutions are specific pathways designed to better channel those active duty military men / women back into civilian careers of their choosing but also programs to recapture those Veterans who were not afforded these opportunities to also have access to these same opportunities as well. 

To this end the GETI Alliance has launched the 2015 Year of the Veteran a grassroots call for action rallying of all Veterans Nationwide to call upon Congress and POTUS to enact the GETI "Skills for Veteran Transitional Job Placement ACT 2015" being introduced to Congress in mid-April. 

GETI's Veteran Transitional Centers look to provide such non-formulary based programs as “The Veteran 360° Program” which is based on the highly successful Soldier 360° and Marine 360° Leaders Courses that were developed by General Steven Salazar (Ret) and Col Mary Lopez (Ret). 

Decompression programs that were provided to our active duty personnel regrouping at key NATO bases in Europe during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  These are the kind of proven decompression programs that the VA doesn't incorporate because the VA doesn’t employ the Whole Soldier concept of wellness; nor what we feel is best for our Veterans to enable them to function in a dual purpose environment which means a pathway that allows them to successfully complete civilian careers skill set certifications, pursue and sustain civilian employment to support themselves and their families while receiving follow on PTGC / TBI treatments that are required to be whole and balanced again.

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