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Living Rich in the Now

Living Rich in The Now is a sermon delivered by Dr Jim Richards, Teaching Pastor at Heartland A Church Connected in Mississauga, Ontario.

I loved the sermon because it dealt a lot with being an Encourager, which is my spiritual gift.

Above: Teaching Pastor Dr Jim Richards

Text: Hebrews 3:13; James 4:13-17 

Carpe Diem: Enjoy, seize or pluck the day as it is ripe. 


I. Treasure the Blessings in Our Life Today 

Pray that the Lord will allow us to treasure the people and the experiences that we are having today. 

II. Choose to Be an Encourager—Hebrews 3:13: “encourage one another daily.” 

  • One of the most underrated of the spiritual gifts is the gift of encouragement. Every Christian can daily exercise the gift of encouragement.

Two reasons why we don’t exercise the gift of encouragement: 

  • We are basically looking out for ourselves 
  • Our world teaches not to get involved 
  • In the incarnation, GOD BECAME INVOLVED. Larry Crabb says, “Christianity is involvement from beginning to end.” 
  • One of my greatest heroes and role models in Scripture: Barnabas, which means “Son of Encouragement” (Acts 4:36). 

III. Choose to Receive Encouragement 

The question in the now/in the present today is, “What voices are we listening to - the voices of discouragement or the voices of encouragement?” 

Nehemiah 6:3 - Nehemiah chooses to listen to the voice of encouragement from the Lord rather than the voices of distraction from the enemies of the Jews. “I AM CARRYING ON A GREAT PROJECT/AN IMPORTANT WORK AND CANNOT COME DOWN.” 

What voices are you believing today? The voices of discouragement or the voices of encouragement?

IV. Cultivate a Closeness in Following Jesus Now 

  • One of the great challenges in the Christian life is that faith leaks. 
  • Reuben Job: “Do you want to live increasingly in God’s presence and receive God’s direction? Begin practicing a PREFERENCE FOR GOD AND GOD’S WILL. 
  • A closeness in following Jesus is worth cultivating now because when all is said and done, our relationship with Jesus is all that we will have. 

How do we Live Rich in the now? 

  • Treasure the blessing in your life today. 
  • Choose to be an encourager. 
  • Choose to receive encouragement. 
  • Cultivate a closeness in following Jesus now. 

To see the video of the sermon Living Rich in the Now click here

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