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mwr life evp bill hoffmann a network marketing legend

MWR Life EVP Bill Hoffmann is a legend in the network marketing industry with personal lifetime earnings of over $16 million.

Bill's addition to MWR in 2014 is sure to help MWR make a mark in the direct sales industry around the world. Bill is currently helping to open the business in Canada and has been travelling to Toronto regularly.

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about mwr life evp bill hoffmann

In 2014, President & CEO Yoni Ashurov convinced network marketing legend Bill Hoffmann to become a part owner and EVP of the company.

In Toronto recently, Bill told the story of how his son joined the company, while Bill was still part owner of another network marketing company. Without any help from Bill, his son built a significant income with My Warranty Rewards.

When Bill decided to sell his share in his previous network marketing company, he looked further into his son's success and My Warranty Rewards.

After several meetings between Yoni and Bill, changes were made to how the company operates and the name was changed from My Warranty Rewards, which Bill thought was too narrow a focus and an unsexy name, to MWR Life.

MWR has now come to represent - My Why is Real. The home page for the company and its resellers features a video about finding your 'Why'.

Bill Hoffmann was previously with YTB Travel Network and CCM (Consumers Choice Marketing). CCM's energy partner is IGS Energy.

YTB went bankrupt in 2013 which forced Bill to find another company to join. He saw the potential in the energy deregulation business and joined CCM (Consumers Choice Marketing).

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MWr electronics protection plan

The MWR Electronics Protection Plan is the most comprehensive electronics coverage plan in the industry.

Our protection covers ALL of the consumer electronics IN YOUR ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD such as TVs, computers, mobile phones, tablets, blenders, stereos, gaming consoles – basically anything in your home that plugs in or has batteries – over 40,000 qualifying items for one low monthly fee with no long-term contract.

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mwr vehicle repair assist program

MWR Life is revolutionizing the vehicle repair industry by offering a low cost service that takes the guesswork and anxiety out of the entire process!

In addition to being a full blown roadside assistance program, we are also repair advocates. When your vehicle needs repair, we’ll assist you with finding a reputable repair facility and negotiate the lowest price possible for the work required, eliminating the uncertainty that often comes with vehicle repairs.

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