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mwr life vehicle repair assist plus program explained by paul stowers

MWR Life's Vehicle Repair Assist Plus program not only gives you access to your own mechanic on call, it will also pay 20% of your repair costs.

MWR's Sr VP of Operations, Paul Stowers, explains how the program works.

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about mwr life vehicle repair assist plus

Have you ever felt ripped off after getting your car repaired? Have you known someone who got ripped off when they got their car repaired? I know I have.

My 88 year old mother-in-law had a problem with one of the headlights on her car. She took it to a garage near her and was quoted $289 for a headlight housing and labor. My wife and I thought that seemed like a lot and so we asked her to bring the car to the mechanic we have used for a long time. He fixed it for her for $97 including labor, parts and taxes.

These types of stories are, unfortunately, way too common.

The Canadian television show W5, along with the Automobile Protection Association (APA) regularly conducts undercover investigations on garages.

In their most recent undercover investigation, 22 out of 30 garages (73.3%) visited received a failing grade, for either not spotting the problem that was setup for them to discover, a loose battery cable, or for doing unnecessary work.

MWR Life's Vehicle Repair Assist Plus program helps you to avoid this type of ripoff by providing you a mechanic on call. You get access to a team of repair specialists who will assist you with all of your repair questions, such as maintenance schedules, recall notices, replacement parts and pricing, GPS and other electronics, as well as general inquiries or concerns.

Besides having your own mechanic on call, MWR Life will find a repair facility for your vehicle, tow it there if necessary and work with the facility to determine what, if any, repairs are needed. We will take the time to explain all of the issues to you, making sure that you are not getting taken advantage of and that your diagnosis is accurate. Your ASE Certified Repair Advocate will then determine a fair price for any service required and negotiate with the facility on your behalf, or find a nearby facility that will do the work for the right price. To top it off, we will pay for 20% of the repair cost!

To get more details and to register for the Vehicle Repair Assist Program, click HERE

Above: Paul Stowers, MWR Sr VP of Operations

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As if having a mechanic on call and getting 20% off your repair costs is not enough, the Vehicle Repair Assist Plus program also gets you:

Emergency Roadside Assistance

No matter what the issue, be it mechanical, accidental or otherwise... our dispatchers will be there, 24 hours a day, to help with all emergencies. Whether you need a jump start, get locked out, need help changing a flat tire or a tow – we’ll be there for you. 

For more information about Vehicle Repair Assist Plus program, listen to this audio explanation by MWR's Sr VP of Operations, Paul Stowers.