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MWR Life - Formerly My Warranty Rewards

MWR Life, a network marketing/direct sales company headquartered in Aventura, FL, started in business as My Warranty Rewards.

When President and CEO, Yoni Ashurov, met Bill Hoffmann and invited Bill to join the company as part owner and Executive Vice-President, the name was changed.

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about mwr life and the name change from my warranty rewards

Yoni Ashurov and Jay Tuerk owned Energy Management Systems International and Matrix Protection, the companies that provided an extended warranty plan. before

MWR's EVP Bill Hoffmann convinced Yoni and Jay to switch the company to the network marketing/direct sales model that it is today.

The company was named My Warranty Rewards at the time, before Bill Hoffmann was invited to become a part owner and EVP.

Bill Hoffmann and Yoni Ashurov masterminded together and Yoni came to know his original vision of the company was being expanded drastically and quickly. They decided to let Jay Tuerk own  Energy Management Systems International and Matrix Protection while Yoni and Bill would own MWR.

Bill Hoffmann, being a master marketer, saw that the acronoym for My Warranty Rewards was MWR.

Bill thought of the core concept of MWR which is used today, "My Why Is Real (MWR)". 

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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Above: MWR President and CEO, Yoni Ashurov on the left

MWR - My WHy is real

In the PMA Science of Success course taught by The Napoleon Hill Foundation, and in all Hill's writings, having a Definite Purpose is THE MOST important of all the 17 Success Principles.

Without knowing your why, or your purpose, you cannot make the most of your God given skills, talents, and abilities. With it, there is nothing you cannot do and you will achieve the most you possibly can with the abilities you were given and develop throughout your life.

Definiteness of Purpose is the starting point of all achievement and success. All individual achievement begins with the adoption of a definite major purpose and a specific plan for its attainment.

mwr vehicle repair assist program

We are revolutionizing the vehicle repair industry by offering a low cost service that takes the guesswork and anxiety out of the entire process! In addition to being a full blown roadside assistance program, we are also repair advocates. When your vehicle needs repair, we’ll assist you with finding a reputable repair facility and negotiate the lowest price possible for the work required, eliminating the uncertainty that often comes with vehicle repairs.

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