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mwr Life leads - how to generate warm leads for your network marketing business

If you want warm MWR Life leads, or warm leads for any network marketing company, here are several things that I and others in the industry are doing.

The 2 main ways you can create your own leads are online and in your local community.

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Creating mwr Life leads online

There are several ways to create warm leads online for your network marketing business.

free online ads

Since I live in Canada, I post job and opportunity ads on Kijiji. I place job ads in numerous cities across Canada using their platform. Craigslist is another free online classifieds site that many network marketers use to place their ads.

Here is a recent ad as an example:

I am looking for entrepreneurial and business minded salespeople that want to work part-time, at home, on a commission only basis. 

You will conduct online sales presentations with warm leads, using Skype or Google Hangout, to explain and sell our services. 

Our bundled services are needed by almost every middle income family in North America. 

Toll free number to apply is 866-318-0543


I use GrowthPro for their network marketing experience and results. I learned about them from Shane Morand, Global Master Distributor for Organo Gold. He uses GrowthPro and introduced many of his distributors to them.

Theur Sizzle Tools give you everything you need to get 5 - 10 prospects every week, plus the tools and training to recruit them! They guarantee you 8 new recruits in 6 months and 15-20 warm prospects every week.

Using their proprietary Sizzle LineĀ® voicemail greetings, lead capture sites, step-by-step advertising methods, personalized websites and more, building your business has never been easier!

sizzle cards to create local leads

The idea behind sizzle cards is to leave them wherever you go as part of your daily activities. 

Some of the locations I have placed cards at are:

  • ATM machines - they always have a counter that you can leave a few cards on
  • Restaurants - Leave a few on your table when you leave, near the condiment counter at a fast food restaurant and in the washroom
  • Grocery stores - they almost always have a bulletin board for ads

GrowthPro also teaches to put 3-5 cards in a baggie, with a piece of tape attached to the bag and leave them on the fuel pump when you fill up and at your local mailbox location.

To listen to the GrowthPro voicemail message I chose for my MWR Life leads, call toll free to 866-318-0543.

Their sizzle lines capture the phone number of the person calling when possible so that you can call them back even if they do not leave a voicemail message.

Email tracking - know who opens your emails and what links they click

I use Hubspot Sidekick to track all my MWR Life lead lead prospecting emails. This allows me to see, in real-time if I am sitting at my computer, who opens my emails and what links they click on. 

Imagine phoning a prospect within minutes of them opening your email and clicking on a link in that email. They will think that your timing is coincidental but you will know they just read your message. This is the best time to follow-up.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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