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mwr life president & ceo yoni ashurov on journey to success radio

MWR Life is a truly unique network marketing business because it sells services rather than products. For resellers, this means that there is no inventory to order, no auto-ships, no money to collect and no shipping.

I interviewed their President & CEO, Yoni Ashurov, for Journey To Success Radio.

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about mwr life president and ceo yoni ashurov

Yoni immigrated with his family to Canada at a young age. After graduating at the top of his class from Canada's premier business institution, York University’s Schulich School of Business, he worked two years in investment banking, advising publicly traded companies on equity, debt and M&A transactions. “It was a terrific learning experience. Business school is great, but it doesn’t come close to the real deal. I learned more in my first month on the job than I did in all four years of college,” he reveals.

Above from left: The Canadian launch team - Ibrahim Downey, Bill Hoffman, MWR Life EVP and network marketing legend, Tejuan, a new recruit and myself.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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Yoni’s first experience working for the “boss” was also his last. Although he was earning a six-figure income in his early twenties, he realized that by its very nature, a job comes with financial, emotional and spiritual constraints. “Everybody thought I was crazy for leaving my job. But I knew I wanted to be my own person, on many levels. Life is the greatest gift we are given and I did not want to miss out on my dreams. I trusted myself and took a leap of faith that would define my life forever.”

After taking a year off to concentrate on music, one of his life’s passions, Yoni decided to enter into real estate as an international broker in the country of Panama. In less than two years, his company grew to the largest real estate brokerage in the country with over 40 agents and $70 million in sales.

Yoni recalls, "It wasn't easy. I remember there were so many times in that first year that I was so close to giving up, but something told me I had to persevere, that I will make it if I can just hold on and not let go. Failure was never an option.”

Yoni started Energy Management Systems in 2007 and relocated to the United States. He built the company into an international manufacturing supplier of power efficiency systems. It is through this process that Yoni was introduced to the direct selling industry as a mass market distribution platform.

"We designed MWR Life with a bottom-up compensation plan, so that the average person can achieve success in a very short period. If the vast majority of our Resellers are successful, that means that the company will thrive in the long run,” he states. “We set out to fundamentally disrupt the growing services sector, and in the process, help every day people realize their life's true potential.”

mwr life services

electronics protection for every device in your home

The MWR Electronics Protection Plan is the most comprehensive electronics coverage plan in the industry. Our protection covers ALL of the consumer electronics IN YOUR ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD such as TVs, computers, mobile phones, tablets, blenders, stereos, gaming consoles – basically anything in your home that plugs in or has batteries – over 40,000 qualifying items for one low monthly fee with no long-term contract.

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24/7 Total Home Tech Support

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