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The Magic Ladder to Success by Napoleon Hill

The Magic Ladder to Success first appeared in Napoleon Hill's Magazine in April, 1921 in the book Napoleon Hill's First Editions, published by the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

In that book, Hill discloses his 16 rungs of the ladder.

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'by properly developing the qualities represented by the sixteen rungs, you will find your power enormously increased."

Rung No. 1: A Definite Aim in Life

Rung No. 2: Self-Confidence

Rung No. 3: Initiative

Rung No. 4: Imagination

Rung No. 5: Action

Rung No. 6: Enthusiasm

Rung No. 7: Self-Control

Rung No. 8: The Habit of Performing More Work and Better Work Than You Are Paid to Perform.

Rung No. 9: An Attractive Personality

Rung No. 10: Accurate Thought

Rung No. 11: Concentration

Rung No. 12: Persistency

Rung No. 13: Failures

Rung No. 14: Tolerance and Sympathy

Rung No. 15: Work

Rung No. 16: The Golden Rule

AMAZON description of The Magic Ladder to Success

Napoleon Hill had published in 1928 the sixteen lessons on success in an 8-volume set of books called Law of Success, which were about 1,000 pages.

In 1930 Napoleon Hill published The Magic Ladder to Success. The time could not have been worse as the collapse of the stock market in October 1929 was the beginning of the period of United States history known as The Great Depression.

He thought a condensed version to the Law of Success would be a great seller, the sixteen lessons from the Law of Success are offered with about 200 pages.

AMAZON description of Napoleon Hill's First Editions

This beautiful collectors edition is a compilation of the best of Napoleon Hills early work, the basis of all his future perennial bestsellers.

These writings have not been reprinted since they were originally published in 1918 to 1924.

It is in these early articles that Hill honed his theories, refined his arguments, and polished his presentation of the success philosophy for the common man that his benefactor, Carnegie had envisioned.

The material that filled the pages of Hills Golden Rule and Napoleon Hills Magazine are the original versions for the lessons that would become the basis of Hills masterwork Law of Success, and ten years after that, his international bestseller Think and Grow Rich.

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