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MamaRed Knight - Author, Life Coach and Speaker

I had the pleasure of interviewing MamaRed Knight, Author, Life Coach, and Speaker for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio. She has graciously agreed to provide a free copy of her eBook 'Be Free: Release The Words Holding Your Dream Hostage' to all my readers and listeners. To get your free copy go here

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About MamaRed

For over 30 years MamaRed (known as Jerilynne Knight on legal beagle type stuff) wove her unusual combination of heart-based encouragement with distinctly left brain analytical skills and right brain thinking skills into solutions that helped big corporations explain their techie stuff to their users. After a complete physical collapse, she said “enough” and with the support of her late-in-life love-of-her life, dove headfirst into sharing her LifeRecipe with a whole different group of folks, the messengers of the world like coaches, authors, speakers, consultants, healers. Her heart was with those who were struggling to get their message into the world because the overwhelm of being in business, coupled with a whole new language, left them huddled in a corner, insecure, overwhelmed, and chucking it all for a J.O.B. as a barista at the local coffee shop.

The intent with her second act “leap” was to ditch technology, throw logic to the wolves, and live totally in her intuition and her heart. To be totally about encouraging others and helping them see the magnificent gifts they were. The dull thud heard as that venture flopped due to continued health challenges and her own insecurities left her sitting on the edges of life wondering really, who am ‘I' to teach others…look what a flop I’ve been!”

Because of her Idea Firehose brain and ability to come up with a solution, seemingly out of thin air, her ventures were all over the place and confused the hell out of folks. That, coupled with her refusal to get clear on who she wanted to work with because she “didn’t want to exclude anyone” reinforced her belief that she couldn’t play games in the Big Boy pond…until her 20+ years of self improvement training and 20+ years of being a business owner met her insecurities in a dark alley and said “enough, you ARE enough. Help people take the next DO-ABLE step. Start walking your walk!”

Her NSOS (Next Shiny Object Syndrome) became a gift as she was able to put all the weird data gathering and tool-using stuff to good use: helping others who are as overwhelmed as she has been find a way to get out “there,” even in the face of obstacles and fears. Whether serving as the caretaker for the kindness-based Teens Transforming Towns™ program or encouraging a Facebook friend to take heart, loving-kindness is at the core of what she does, and is.

Out of the muddle of so much life, business and techie experiences came her clarity and her purpose: to help those who have a message get it into the world, even if business is a foreign language and techie stuff leaves ‘em running for the hills.

When she isn’t chasing down a more efficient way to get messages into the world, MamaRed indulges her love of reading, enjoying being with her soul mate, and reveling in the joys of having 3 adult sons who are sharing their gifts with the world.

"Definiteness of Purpose is the starting point of all achievement" - Napoleon Hill

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