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mark bowden world renowned body language expert on journey to success radio

Mark Bowden is a world renowned Body Language Expert and the Author of Winning Body Language. 

Peter Goral and I interviewed Mark for Journey To Success Radio. 

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about mark bowden

Mark Bowden is an expert in human behavior and body language, and is the creator of TRUTHPLANE®, a communication training company and unique methodology for anyone who has to communicate with impact to an audience. His communication techniques, in which he trains individuals and groups worldwide, have garnered him a reputation as one of the world’s foremost authorities on nonverbal communication.

Mark gives highly entertaining and informative keynote speeches on persuasive and influential verbal and nonverbal language and communication structures that help you stand out, win trust and profit every time you speak. After receiving his university degree in performance in the U.K. and studying the gesture control methods of Jacques Lecoq’s Laboratory of Movement, Mark worked with some of the world’s most ground­breaking theatre companies, appearing in multi ­award ­winning stage and screen productions globally, and went on himself to train internationally recognized actors and directors. He developed his techniques further with the work of leading practitioners of movement psychology and built upon the influence techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson.

Mark’s publications include the bestselling body language book Winning Body Language (McGraw Hill 2010); Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals (McGraw Hill 2012); and Tame the Primitive Brain – 28 Ways in 28 Days to Manage the Most Impulsive Behaviors at Work (Wiley 2013). Mark is also the co­creator of online training product PRESENTATION GENIUSTM, one of the most exciting ways to take training on any handheld device to revolutionize presentation skills. Voted #1 in the world’s top 30 Body Language Professionals for 2014 by, Mark is also honored to be part of the TED community, having spoken on the main stage at TEDx Toronto. He is a regular contributor to media, and you can see him currently on CTV’s daily talk show, The Social as the resident Body Language expert.

Please visit Mark’s website to learn more.

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