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mark gleason on enthusiasm every day for journey to success radio

Mark Gleason is the author of Enthusiasm Every Day, a book I LOVE and cherish. He has also been a realtor for 34 years and it seems like he has sold every house in Michigan by now.

Mark is a co-author of an upcoming book I am producing titled: Journeys To Success: 21st Century Stories Inspired by Napoleon Hill. The book will launch in early February 2016.

I was blessed to interview Mark for Journey To Success Radio. 

about mark gleason


Mark began his selling career, claiming he sold his first house at the age of 10.

Getting his real estate license at 20, he has owned, managed, coached, and trained literally thousands of Realtors.

Being a massive "GoalSetter", practicing what he preaches comes second nature.

Mark's most recent book titled "Enthusiasm Every Day" is about how Mark encourages everyone in their own daily lives to live to the fullest.

In 2012 Mark read 1,400 books, and wrote 5 books himself that year. Since then he's written another 8 books.

His passions include; extreme customer service in all his businesses. Mark also loves to fish and vacation.

Mark is married to his lovely wife Kim, and has three beautiful daughters, and four gorgeous granddaughters.

Are you searching out wisdom? If so, it's searching for you as well. Today and every day forward, will become what you decide to make it. Are you ready for your daily dose of energy?

In Enthusiasm Every Day, author Mark Gleason offers daily quotes to inspire motivation, and he presents the knowledge to help you grasp what life has in store for you. Gleason presents a year's worth of quotes to help you speak, persuade, perform, win over, and learn to listen.

Enthusiasm Every Day will teach you how to balance your intuitiveness, your humorous side, and your ability to reason in the daily process. Each page will train you to ask for more by looking within yourself.

In this inspirational book, Gleason shares a host of uplifting, thought-provoking quotes gained from more than thirty years of being a sales person and Realtor.

He shares messages gained from a lifetime of teachings about how to thrive, survive, and get more from yourself. These success policies will leave your soul being the winner you have always wanted to be.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to be interviewed for Journey To Success Radio, email tom@tom2tall.com for details and scheduling.