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mark hackman multi level marketing consultant on journey to success radio

Mark Hackman has a long and successful history in the multi level marketing (MLM) industry, including as an Owner.

I interviewed Mark for Journey To Success Radio.

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about Mark hackman

Mark is a decorated veteran of the US Army Medical Corps, and after careers in the law and corporate America, found his passion as an Entrepreneur, including business and success coaching, professional speaking, inspirational writing, personal development, and network marketing.

As a business coach, Mark has mentored over 750 business startups, and has been instrumental in training over 100,000 Small Office/Home Office business owners in over 50 countries.  He’s designed  and  presented  hundreds  of  seminars  and  webinars  on  all  aspects  of  creating  a successful business, from the inception of an idea, to launch, to long-term growth and sustainability.

Mark Hackman's experience in direct sales and network marketing spans several decades and includes success as a Distributor, Speaker and Trainer, Author, multiple-times Company Owner and Executive Team Member, and finally as a Consultant to the industry, where his passion lies in designing cutting-edge compensation plans and creating training libraries designed to lead companies and their distributors to new heights of success previously out of reach to them.  He’s currently working with global brands in the areas of nutrition, weight loss, water purification, natural health products, and global travel.  Mark currently sits on the Board of Directors of the MLMIA – Multilevel Marketing International Association.

As an avid writer of inspirational and personal development content, Mark has  shared his message  of  personal empowerment  and happiness  with readers  around the  world,  and  is currently publishing a collection of short pieces in the “epic and heroic” genre in four volumes to be released later this summer.

about the multi level marketing Industry association (MLMIA)

The MLMIA is the not-for-profit, worldwide, professional trade association, started in 1985 by industry professionals, for Network Marketing/Direct Sales/Multi-Level Marketing Companies (Corporate), the Independent Contractors (Distributors) who sell a Company's goods and services to the end consumer and the people who supply both the Companies and Distributors with those goods and services, the suppliers/vendors that we call (Support).

For 30 years MLMIA has been a major force in defining the ethics, legalities and opportunities in Network Marketing. MLMIA has developed, facilitated and nurtured strong relationships between the industry and outside influences that affect its operations, including regulatory agencies, company management, software developers, educators, the press and the general public. MLMIA is recognized as the leading source of unbiased Network Marketing industry data and information by numerous industry, business and general publications.

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