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Mark Hunter Interviewed for Journey To Success

I followed Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter, for some time as a subscriber to his newsletter and always love reading his sales tips and thoughts.

If you are in sales, you need to listen to the interview and you definitely should purchase his new book. 

I interviewed Mark for my Journey To Success Radio show.

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About Mark

Before embarking on being an independent consultant, Mark spent 18 years in the sales and marketing divisions of three Fortune 100 companies.  The skills he learned then were too good to keep to himself.

Mark travels nationally and internationally 240 days a year, working with global leaders like Coca-Cola, Kawasaki, Sara Lee, Mattel, Unilever and Godiva.  He is known for his high-energy presentations that result in measurable ROI for his clients. That’s what it really comes down to.  This isn’t about simply making a sales staff feel motivated, it’s about equipping them with skills and approaches that really bring results. 

When he is not busy with clients, Mark Hunter writes extensively, not only on his own blog, but also articles for numerous sales-related websites.  Business people from nearly 50 countries visit his website daily, making his insights applicable to markets around the world. He also sends a weekly sales tip to thousands of people.

AMAZON Description:

In the high-pressure quest to make a sale, acquire a contract, and beat out other bidders, sales professionals frequently resort to cutting prices, offering discounts, or making other concessions that cut into their operating margins-short-term strategies that are destructive to the long-term sustainability of their business. "High-Profit Selling" helps readers understand that their sales goal shouldn't simply be to sell more, but to sell more at a higher price...and that success comes only to those focused on "profitable sales." This eye-opening book shows readers how to: avoid negotiating; actively listen to customers; match the benefits of their product or service with the customer's needs and pains; confidently communicate value; successfully execute a price increase with existing customers; and ensure prospects are serious and not shopping for price. Too many salespeople believe that a sale at any price is better than no sale at all. This powerful guide helps move readers toward a profit-centered approach that will strength en their relationships and increase their bottom line.

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