Special Gift From Mark Victor Hansen

I know that the Holiday Season has past, and I hope it was a great one for you and your family. I hope that 2011 is your best year and want to help you make it just that! As my team and I were in the process of getting ready for an incredible 2011, we came across something that we want to share with you. Our publisher, Fast Pencil is making the offer of all offers.

You see, we did a Holiday Special where we were able to offer my newest book, U R The Solution, for only $2.99! We built a separate website for this limited offer, and we were planning on taking it down yesterday. Then it hit me, why not offer you the same opportunity right now to get U R The Solution, co-written by Bill Froehlich, for that same deal before we take down the website? With Fast Pencil's approval we are able to extend this for you!

So here it is... because you are a part of my organization and on my list of friends, we are going to keep this page active for you and yours.

This page will be taken off the web very soon, so click the link and get your copy of U R The Solution right to your inbox now for only $2.99. Get a copy for yourself and tell your family and friends as well! We want to share this incredible book with everyone we can. I can promise this will be the best three dollars you ever spend.

Instead of the retail price of $20, you get our book for the ridiculous price of only $2.99 for a digital copy, delivered instantly to your email inbox!

Special Gift From Mark Victor Hansen