Martyn Green Interview on GoalAchievers Radio

Befriending Martyn Green and Phil Taylor are two of the best things that have happened to me since I decided to follow my definite purpose in life.

Phil is the Founder of GoalAchievers and author of Set Yourself on Fire. His books is on my top 5 favorite books list.

Martyn is the Founder of MasterMind To Personal Power. I consider MasterMind to Personal Power to be the best personal development business opportunity in the world.

Do yourself a favour and purchase Set Yourself on Fire through the Amazon link below. Look closely at the MasterMind To Personal Power business opportunity. If you like what you see, follow the advice of W Clement Stone and DO IT NOW and join them.

GoalAchiever Radio Interview with Martyn Green

In 2008 Martyn Green decided to embark on a change of direction and moved into the personal development industry helping people to plan and achieve goals in all areas of their lives. This is where his true passion lies in helping others to become self-reliant, confident and successful. In March 2010 he co-founded MasterMind to Personal Power where he currently holds the position of Vice President Global development.

MasterMind To Personal Power is a company focused on helping people achieve their dreams and goals through the power of the MasterMind process. Their unique structure, deep vetted history of research and practice based on the work of Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Rick Gettle and other 20th and 21st century thought luminaries makes their business work. They use the power of the internet to deliver the mastermind structure and curriculum to people all over the world. Not only is this a transformational tool for those interested in self-improvement, it is also a very lucrative business model.

The Mastermind to Personal Power program helps invidividuals achieve a life of financial abundance, better health, improved relationships, happiness and fulfilment. It is based on Napoleon Hill’s principles and continued development and enhancement by Rick Gettle, a member of their team. The program includes interaction and discussion of principles in weekly mastermind groups. Each group contains six individuals supporting and encouraging each other to achieve their success goals. Each group meeting is led by a facilitator.

The program adheres to a set of ethical and proven success principals and can be adapted to an individual’s unique style. The program also includes a process where each member is nurtured by an accountability partner commited to their mutual success. MasterMind meetings are held via the internet on a weekly basis.

Listen to the interview at the ink below.

Martyn Green Interview with GoalAchievers Radio

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MasterMind To Personal Power