Mary Anne Davis - The Sales Messenger

Mary Anne Davis is the author of the book 'The Sales Messenger', published by Tremendous Life Books. The book is written in story form, much like Og Mandino's The Greatest Salesman In The World. The story focuses on 4 salespeople at the start of a mentoring relationship with a seasoned sales pro. The sales points these salespeople discover during the book will help you understand people better which helps you sell to them using the proper language, including body language, for each particular prospect.

Mary Anne includes ideas and strategies developed by Lee Dubois. I took a course on selling by Lee Dubois many years ago and it was one of the best courses on sales I have ever taken. His sales question "How do you mean that?" to get clarification on objections, has stuck in my head for well 25+ years and I have heard other salespeople use it word for word so I know it has stuck with them as well.

Throughout the book the reader will learn very specific ways to word questions and answer objections. The specific words that a salesperson uses are extremely important and using these strategies will ensure that your words are listened to and acted upon by the buyer. The wordings and phrases taught are designed to avoid the walls that buyers put up with ordinary salespeople.

Another suggestion I agreed with is that salespeople ask for the close too soon. Mary Anne suggests we ask a lot of purposeful, predeterminded questions to really understand what is important to the buyer and where their pain is instead of assuming what is important to the buyer based on what previous buyers said.

I really enjoyed the information about the words 'but' and 'however'. I have taught this for years to salespeople and non salespeople. To the listener these words mean "Ignore everything I have said up to now".

I highly recommend that purchase, and read, The Sales Messenger by Mary Anne Davis and apply what you learn. The increase you will see in your sales is well worth the investment of your time and money. As W Clement Stone would say Do It Now!

Mary Anne Davis is the President and Founder of Peak Performance Solutions. She is an internationally recognized sales and management consultant and trainer, and has helped an international Blue Chip list of clients achieve bottom-line results with her dynamic leadership and expertise.

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Mary Anne Davis The Sales Messenger

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