MasterMind To Personal Power and Your Definite Chief Aim In Life

MasterMind To Personal Power is an organization whose purpose is to help you discover your Definite Chief Aim In Life and mentor you towards its attainment.

They work with Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success and teach people these principles when they join a Master Mind group.

The Master Mind groups work to help each member reach their goals and pursue their Definite Purpose, the most important of the 17 Principles of Success.

They work with a powerful curriculum, powerful facilitators and the POWER of the MasterMind.

Each member of the Master Mind group meets weekly for an hour. The lessons are short but complete and help prepare you to lead your own Master Mind group

If you would are interested in joining a Master Mind group, visit the link below for details.

Rick Gettle provides much of the training for MMTPP. He is the last identified protege of Napoleon Hill. He is the President and Founder of The Master Mind Alliance Success Club International.

He has been teaching the “Science of Success Achievement” course since 1970 and has been a guest speaker for many organizations, service clubs, and conventions - been a guest on many radio and TV shows - has written many articles on “Maximizing Your Potential,” and has written two more “self help” books. The titles are:

· Building Your Personality, Presence, Magnetism, and Relationship Skills.· Overcoming Problems, Adversities and Discouragement.

He has been creating, marketing, and conducting “customized” workshops that have tremendously improved and increased the performance, productivity, and spirit of individuals and companies, large and small, including: Pac Bell, New York Life Insurance, Shearson Lehman, Dean Witter, Prudential, Farmers Insurance, Coldwell Banker, Grubb & Ellis, and Century 21 Realty.

MasterMind To Personal Power