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Mehdi Foster - Creator of Hypnosurf

Mehdi Foster is the creator of Hypnosurf, a tool that helps surfers enjoy, practice, and improve their surfing skills. I interviewed Mehdi for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show.

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About Hypnosurf

Hypnosurf is an audio recording (“HNS program”) designed to have Surfboard rider surfing their PB every time they Surf. The concept was created, designed and developed by Mehdi Foster a passionate Surfer of more than 20 years.

The HNS program essentially involves practice of hypnosis to improve one’s focus, concentration and coordination skills to have the Surfer surfing at their personal best every Surf.

Mehdi teamed up with professional longboarder Ray Gleave and professional shortboarder Shane Bevan to develop the HNS program. An experienced clinical hypnotherapist John Wong (Dip. Clin Hyp, BA (Psych), Grad. Dip Ed., Cert IV Assmt & Trng) was a critical team member responsible to critic the script and to deliver a high quality effective HNS program.

A further key member of the team was Dan Petrovic a recording and electronics specialist who oversaw and managed the actual recording and delivery of the HNS recorded program.

Unlike most artistic projects in the recording studio (i.e. live bands) the HNS recording and production was more on a scientific basis and needed some serious work to deliver an effective demonstrated end product.

The HNS recording was only half the process with the remainder (apart from editing, arrangement and sound effects) was getting the right balance of binaural auto-panner envelopes (aka Brainwave Synchronizer) to tap into the sub-conscious mind. It is a well-known fact that certain audio frequencies affect one’s mental state and the team used that knowledge to make the right transition into the “trance vortex” to get as close to the natural alpha and theta brainwave rhythms.

After hours of editing the HNS team got it absolutely right with the end effect being literally hypnotic!! The HNS program was entered into the World Surf Expo (USA) competition in 2007 and to be selected as a finalist. Surfer or not getting your head right works - you will love it as it is so relaxing!

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