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Melissa Krivachek - Best-Selling Author, SPeaker & Coach

Melissa Krivachek is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Coach. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing her for my Journey To Success Radio show.

Joining me as a Co-Host of the show was Peter G Goral, from TechBlocks, who introduced me to Melissa.

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About Melissa Krivachek

Honored by the National Council of American Executives as a 2014 Top U.S. Executive. Two time international best-selling author Melissa Krivachek is passionate about inspiring audiences across the globe. You can have it all all at the same time. Love, Success, & Happiness. Chosen as Evolution Magazine's 2013 Top Power Player Under 40, and featured on CNN, Forbes, Yahoo Finance and receiving dozens of other accolades, her passion for personal growth resonate with entrepreneurs looking to break-thru the ceiling of complexity to build sustainable seven+ figure businesses.


Almost everyone wants to be a Baller but very few stay the course long enough to achieve the things they truly desire. Creating the confidence, charisma, passion, and swag to be around hot chicks, sexy men, exotic cars, million dollar homes, while attending exclusive events, receiving first class service, dining at 5 star restaurants, creating amazing relationships with the world’s most successful and admired leaders, and closing million dollar deals doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come cheap. By defining and integrating each of Krivachek’s lessons we can move beyond our fears and experience the true hidden potential we all have lying dormant within. So we can have it all, all at the same time. Love, Success, & Happiness. 

With profound insight and the use of powerful and relatable stories. Be a Baller lays out the exact blueprint needed to make the sacrifices requires while creating the new habits and disciplines necessary to live a life beyond our wildest dreams. By truly understanding what it takes to have it all, all at the same time we will be left with one of two choices to step up and commit or to simply walk away and quit.


We all crave love, success, and happiness. But oftentimes, achieving extreme levels in any one much less all three areas of life can be overwhelming. Now in Be Ballsy, Melissa Krivachek explains lesson by lesson how to move beyond our fears and experience the true hidden potential we all have lying dormant within. By integrating each of Krivachek's lessons, we can understand and gain confidence in our career, relationships, and ourselves until we are fully able to experience true commitment, passion, and fulfillment in all aspects of our life and business. 

With profound insight and the use of powerful and relatable true stories. Be Ballsy redefines the most important strategies we can integrate to tap into our full potential and be our best selves. By finally comprehending and experiencing the great depths of personal growth, we an create the strong connections, deep joy, and lasting success that we all long for in our lives.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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