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A Message to Millennials author Tracey Jones on Journey To Success Radio. 

A Message to Millennials author, Tracey C. Jones, was interviewed by Millennial and Bestselling Author, Sania Jamil for Journey To Success Radio about her new book.

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about a message to millennials and author tracey jones

Tracey C. Jones is nationally known for her leadership expertise, as well as her ability to connect on a core level with her audiences .  With her signature wit, she masterfully weaves leadership concepts and actionable strategies together with humor and a deep understanding of life in the workplace..

At the core of her philosophy on leadership is a simple belief that a commitment to lifelong learning results in a resilience and positive attitude that can alter the work environment for the better each and every day.  With nearly four decades of experience across four industries from the military to semi-conductor to publishing, Tracey has crafted organizational leadership techniques that can be implemented  right away for noticeable results.  She challenges her audiences to bravely embrace their challenges and take the all-important next steps toward effecting meaningful change in their personal and professional lives.   

Employers want to know...

Are you teachable?  Are you accountable?  Are you purposeful?

Are you trustworthy?  Are you respectful?  Are you promotable?

Read this gem and learn how to answer all of these questions with a resounding “yes”! This quick and easy read is overflowing with curated wisdom from Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, one of the top 25 gurus of personal development, along with the real-world expertise from his daughter, Tracey C. Jones, a leadership expert in her own right.

A Message to Millennials is a must for any individual looking to develop their leadership skills or organization intent on developing the next generation of leaders. Learn practical tips and punchy truths that will allow you to see things more clearly so you can build you path to the top!

With twelve years in the Air Force, another ten in corporate boardrooms, plus an MBA in Global Management, Tracey has built an impressive career as a corporate “fixer.” A believer in the value of lifelong learning, Tracey is pursuing a Philosophy of Leadership doctoral degree. 

Her father, the late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, founded Executive Books in 1965 with the goal of changing the world one book at a time. After amassing an exceptional leadership background of her own, Tracey took the company’s reins in 2009 – and carries on her father’s tremendous legacy today.