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I met Michael Robin Collins while on the 2011 Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification trip to Ireland. He is an extremely wise man with a great sense of humour and I really loved spending time with him.

I interviewed Michael for my Amazing Life Stories radio show on The Amazing Men of Power Friday's, part of the Amazing Women of Power (AWOP) Radio Network. The show will be aired Friday December 16th throughout the day.

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Michael is an inspirational and motivational speaker. He has spoken on overcoming “incurable” situations, taking your power back, finding your purpose, health and nutrition, and leadership. He’s also addressed the subjects of bullying and of how you can create a balanced, healthy psychology by looking at and understanding patterns of mental slavery and how to overcome your conditioning.

Michael overcame diabetes through diet and nutrition. Concentrating primarily on a raw food diet, Michael was able to cure himself of diabetes in a three month time period. The Veria Network did an Incurables episode on Michael’s story.

Michael has devoted the last 30 years of his life to serving humanity and studying the Spiritual Sciences. Upon his graduation from The Johns Hopkins University, Michael studied astrology with Mr. Zoltan Mason for 5 years in New York City. Michael has been a Consulting Astrologer since 1980, and has interpreted over 1,500 birth charts and taught classes on basic astrology.

In 1984, Michael graduated from the Swedish Institute of Massage and is a Licensed Massage Therapist in New York State. Michael has been involved in Natural Healing since 1979. He achieved the degree of Reiki Master in 1996. He has done healing work with color and sound, crystals, magnets, and the Mental Powers within.

Michael has been practicing Yoga since 1978 and is a certified Yoga Instructor from Integral Yoga of New York; he has created workshops on Yoga Nidra, a form of yoga which involves deep relaxation meditation. Michael is an ordained Interfaith Minister. He has co-led the NYC chapter of Builders of the Adytum’s (BOTA) study group, teaching Tarot and Qabalah.

Michael is also a Certified Hypnotherapist from the New York Institute of Hypnotherapy. He is a graduate of the Silva Method, and has completed the Babaji Kriya Yoga Teacher Training course.

Enjoy these videos about Michael Robin Collins filmed by the show Incurables.

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Testimonial for Ushering in the Golden Age

"Michael Robin Collins' new book: "Ushering in the Golden age," is his gift of love to the world. I believe Michael has many more gifts for us waiting to be released for the transformation of the planet.

As I read "Ushering in the Golden Age," I wondered if the Golden Age is a utopian dream. As such, does that mean we have to wait for the world to catch up?

An evaluation of the word utopia was in order, for as we raise our own consciousness, the world around us suddenly becomes lighter, brighter and loving. This is exactly what the Golden Age is all about, as simple as it sounds.

Michael sprinkles the concept of "wordsmithing" throughout his book. For instance, in the process of becoming more conscious of the words we use to describe our state of health or mind, we liberate ourselves to embrace positive mental attitudes.

As an example, I had a headache this morning and I wanted the headache to go away in 40 minutes. Instead of repeating to my subconscious mind, "I will be pain free in 40 minutes," I now said, "I am liberated in divine love now." Breaking this down equated to freedom with the "in" breath and divine love with the "out" breath. By replacing the word pain with divine love and freedom, my subconscious mind allowed me to heal very quickly.

The headache disappeared almost instantaneously!

We must find our own way in our own time to realize the Golden Age. Michael reassures us that the Golden Age is already here. We can access it in the here and now.

All we have to do is make the decision to do so."

Kate Loving Schenk

"Ushering in the Golden Age" will be available at www.michaelrobincollins.com. You can pre-order your copy now.

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