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mick lexington - author of new york cult classic mr jack and writer for shanghai shanghai series

Mick Lexington is the author of the New York cult classic Mr. Jack and is currently a writer for the series Shanghai Shanghai.

I interviewed him for Journey To Success Radio

more about mick lexington


Mick Lexington graduated from Carnegie Melon University, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where he studied Fine Art and Creative Writing. Upon graduation he moved to Paris where he apprenticed as a painter and collagists in the studio of British Painter Sean McTigue.

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In 1987, after a year in Paris, Mick returned to London where he began working on his own artwork at McTigue’s Monmouth Studios in Noting Hill Gate. Mick worked there until the studio was destroyed by fire the following year.

While in London, his love of music found Mick forming the British rock band Checkpoint Charlie. As the bands song writer, Mick fronted the band as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist.

After his music career, Mick moved to New York to work as a graphic artists in the advertising industry. He wrote advertising copy for clients including Panasonic and Harley Davidson. During this time Mick began writing fiction, taking classes and participating in workshops with literary personalities such as S.L. Stebel, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Barnaby Conrad and Ray Bradbury.

Apart from his numerous articles for the NY Press on Art, Music and Culture, Mick wrote the New York cult novel, “Mr. Jack”. During his research for the novel, Mick became aware of Shanghai during the period in which the series is set. His fascination for Chinese culture, together with the drama of the period inspired him to begin writing the series Shanghai Shnaghai.

Mick's poetry and fiction have appeared in Ploughshares Tin House Granta and Glimmer Train. He lives and writes in New York City.

about mr. jack

I began writing Mr. Jack on August 1st 2005; four years and nine drafts later, on August 5th 2009 I finished the final draft.

In the following year I sent query letters, synopses and sample chapters to approximately 100 agents in an attempt for representation. I received twenty replies, which had essentially the same response; although they believed the project had merit, they felt unable to represent a subversive work of fiction by an untested first time author.

These responses reminded me of some advice a friend of mine, Joe Strummer, had bestowed upon me some years earlier. When I once asked him if he had it all to do over again what he would have done differently with The Clash. Joe told me one of the annoyances of a major label was not having complete creative control.

In that spirit I decided to publish Mr. Jack independently and it is my sincerest hope that the honesty with which Mr. Jack was written will come across the pages to you complete.