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Mike Benton Go-Giver Coach Interviewed for Jour

Mike Benton is an amazing guy. I have interviewed him about real estate investing a few times for Journey To Success Radio.

The first time I interviewed Mike it was solely because he was a Bob Burg Certified Go-Giver Coach and I wanted to interview Bob Burg. The funny thing is that Mike's interviews have been listened to more than anyone else, including Bob Burg.

For this interview we spoke about his Go-Giver Coaching.

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About Mike Benton

Mike Benton’s philosophy is that “Change is inevitable. You determine the outcome.” He built his life upon this principle. He started with simple ideas that grew into million dollar companies, which continue to flourish in any economy.

Mike travels throughout the country helping people and organizations reach their true potential through his unique, positive coaching style.

He always enjoyed coaching then in June 2008, he had the opportunity to turn his passion into a business that still prospers today. Mike received professional training through Life Success Consultants.

In 2010 via Burg Communications, he expanded his coaching expertise. Through Burg Communications, he remains a Certified Go-Giver Coach that focuses on helping companies and individuals create the changes needed to reach their goals and dreams.

Mike’s current clients include Real Estate companies, MD Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation - Unemployment Division, Job Match Re-Employment Project, nonprofits such as The United Way, Calvert County Chamber of Commerce, Maryland Department of Social Services and many more.

Mike believes that giving back to his community via volunteering is the best way to facilitate his success. Current and past organizations where he invests his time include participating as Past Chair of Economic Development Commission, Economic Development Authority, Workforce Investment Board Chair, North Beach Elected Town Council Member, Past Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maryland Board Member, and Maryland Municipal League Board Member to name a few.

Mike has appeared in many local newspapers, magazines, radio shows and blog talk radio over the years. Most of all, Mike is passionate about helping others achieve their goals through one-on-one coaching, group presentations and motivational talks.

Mike’s personable, humorous yet no nonsense coaching will identify your unique qualities, talents, and skill sets to help you formulate the life you always dreamed of but never thought you deserved.

As a coach focused on individuals who want to change their business/sales/career for the better, Mike will identify and then empower you to recognize your own unique skills, gifts and abilities.

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