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Mike Benton - Certified Bob Burg Go-Giver

I interviewed Mike Benton for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show.

At one time in his life Mike was homeless. During that time he borrowed $200 to get his real estate licence. He partnered with 3 other people to start a real estate brokerage office called Home Towne Real Estate.

That business has grown to a large business with over 200 real estate agents working for them. Be sure to listen to the interview.  

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About Mike Benton

Mike Benton is a Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Community Activist and Elected Official. Mike has taken many paths to get to where he is today and will tell you after 46 years that what excites him the most is that he believes the journey has just started.

Mike's journey started when he was raised by his grandmother and learned the value of working hard with pride and never giving less than 100%. He served in the United States Marine Corp at the age of 17 and then had a brief stint in the corporate world.  He has run for public office 3 times and was elected on his third attempt based on the concepts he teaches today in his coaching business. 

Mike is a believer that the term Self Help is not accurate in the journey of success. You may start the process towards success, but it will take a team around you to truly experience success.  Mike has applied some simple, but not easy concepts in place to reach his success and teaches them to others to help them live a life of prosperity. These concepts has allowed him to build a Real Estate Business in a  down economy, get elected with over 75% of the votes and build a coaching business that has grown to a self-sustaining business in less than 4 years.  Mike has coined the title a 46 year overnight success.

Mike is a certified Bob Burg (author of “The Go-Giver” and “Its Not About You”) consultant serving individuals, companies, and local Governments. 

Mike’s personable, humorous yet no nonsense coaching will identify your unique qualities, talents, and skill sets to help you formulate the life you always dreamed of but never thought you deserved. As a coach focused on individuals who want to change their business/sales/career for the better, Mike will identify and then empower you to recognize your own unique skills, gifts and abilities.

Mike’s life changing messages help individuals and groups from all backgrounds reach their true potential through coaching services, workshops, purpose vision and goal setting as well as mindset and leadership training. Taking the best from highly successful coaching leaders over the past 27 years, Mike Benton really does know how to bring out the best in an individual who needs to make a new way of life for his/her family or to re-invigorate their sales or business.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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