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mike muhney co-creator of act! CRm software & VIPorbit on journey to success radio

Mike Muhney is the Co-Founder of ACT! CRM software, which I have used both legally and illegally with a pirated copy. He is also the Founder and Creator of VIPorbit, a Contact Manager for iPhone and iPad.

It was an honour to interview him for my Journey To Success Radio show.

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about mike muhney

Mike was born and raised in Chicago, and is a proud, and loyal, Cubs fan! He presently lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Mike was originally accepted to Law School thinking he wanted to be a lawyer but as the result of a curve ball that life threw at him, Mike began his career with IBM in the mainframe era and was first trained in IBM’s intensive Sales School for six months before he was assigned his own territory. 

He ranked 6th out of his national class of 66. As he likes to say, “IBM didn’t teach me how to sell, instead, IBM taught me how to deal with more people, more effectively so that I would be more successful.” Little did Mike realize at the time that that training would take him to an even bigger stage and opportunity, later becoming a software entrepreneur.

Mike is the Co-Founder and Co-Inventor of ACT!—the product that originally created the entire Contact Management category and industry globally. ACT! also introduced the concept of Relationship Management to the world back in an era when a new device called a “Laptop” was only beginning to emerge.

During it’s 26-year life, ACT! has had over 10,000,000 people globally purchase it (Who knows how many people have pirated it. But that’s another story.) ACT! is also acknowledged as the catalyst that created the multi-billion dollar CRM industry.

Today, Mike Muhney is the inventor, CEO & Co-Founder of VIPorbit, a funded software company focused on providing solutions for today’s relationship-centric mobile device users.

VIPorbit is a robust and seamlessly integrated Mobile Relationship Management (another category he’s pioneering) application. He intends on making ACT! look like nothing more than a very successful experiment—seriously! Designed for iPhone, iPad and Mac vipOrbit has already won numerous awards and in the December ’12 issue of i.Business magazine was ranked #1 in its cover story, identifying the “Top 50 Business Apps for iPhone and iPad.”  The July ’13 issue of iBusiness Magazine’s Cover Story, “Top 25 Business Applications for all Apple Devices—iOS and Mac OS ” ranked vipOrbit #3.

Mike brings years of software development, category and market creation, and an all-around entrepreneurial experience to audiences around the world. Whatever it is you do, one thing is certain: meaningful business comes from meaningful relationships and Mike will help you to understand that better than you already do. As a keynote speaker at major industry events he is recognized as a relationship expert, especially with regards to the intangible side of relationships. He’s inspirational, authentic, and relatable, as he shares his life experience and the relationship dynamics that we all face. Mike is also Co-Author of Who’s In Your ORBIT? – Beyond Facebook, Creating Relationships That Matter.