Free Mission Statement Builder from Jim Rohrbach

The Free Mission Statement Builder, created by Jim Rohrbach, is going to help millions (I say Billions) of people around the world, for years to come, to think about, and define, their Definite Purpose in life, as suggested by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich.

This page is in the top 3 most visited pages of my website every month so I know there are many people looking for a process to help them discover and pursue their Definite Purpose, or Mission.

Phil Taylor had pleasure of interviewing Jim for his BlogTalkRadio show.

Would weekly one-on-one video coaching from the world's most well known Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor help you stay accountable to, and achieve, your life's purpose and goals faster than what you are currently doing? $100 US monthly. For details, and to schedule a free 1 hour video meeting, email

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Jim has had the incredible experience and blessing to work directly with Vic Conant and Nightingale-Conant directly.

For a number of years, Jim rented a cubicle at the Head Office of Nightingale-Conant.

I recently interviewed Vic Conant, the Chairman of Nightingale-Conant, for my show recently. Vic had the experience of growing up around people like Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Earl Nightingale, Norman Vincent Peale, and many others.

In my own experience, the number 1 thing people ask me for help with is to define their Definite Purpose. Jim's tool helps people to create their own Definite Purpose using a simple online process that costs nothing. That seems to be to be the best thing I can possibly do to help many people, around the world, for years to come.

About Jim Rohrbach

Success Skills Coach Jim Rohrbach, is a business coach who works with Financial Advisors around the United States by phone to help them grow their clientele. This November will mark 20 years for Jim in the coaching business. He is most proud of his goal-based Mission Statement Process, which helps people create a statement of definite chief aim or major purpose — similar to what Napoleon Hill prescribes in his book Think and Grow Rich. He has collaborated with Nightingale-Conant Corporation to create a FREE on line version of the Mission Statement Builder.