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Mohamed Tohami Interviewed for Journey To Success Radio

Mohamed Tohami writes the best blog I have ever read. His Definite Purpose is to help people discover their purpose and passions and then work towards leaving their jobs and earning money doing the things that they are passionate about.

One of the challenges that he faced is that English is not his mother tongue. He was born and raised in Egypt. You can hear during the interview that he has an accent. You will have to listen closely becasue of his accent and I think this is a good thing because he shares some amazing ideas and tips that can help you transform your life.

By far the number one things that people ask me for help with is identifying their true Definite Major Purpose in life. It is not easy for most people to write out a clear Purpose for their lives that includes what they will do to help others and how much money they will earn.

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About Mohamed Tohami

Since 2003, Mohamed has been helping unfulfilled corporate professionals set their heart & soul free from the prison of the paycheck and start following their passions and making a significant contribution.

He is known for his series of interviews with ultra-successful people about their secrets of transformation and success, having recorded over 150 interviews with the world’s leading success and business gurus like Jim Cathcart, Tony Alessandra, Michael Gerber, Mark Sanborn, and many more.

He took what he learned and blended it with timeless success principles, first recorded by the Ancient Egyptians sages to create a proven framework for passionate living.

This unique blend of the philosophies of then and now will show you how to create a lifestyle that reflects what matters most to you and resonates with your heart’s desires.

On May 19, 2009, his first book, The Pharaoh's Code, was the #1 bestselling motivational book on This book is your personal Rosetta Stone for unlocking the true meaning of your life.

Watch the video below to hear what Jim Cathcart has to say about Mohamed.

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