Mr Inside Sales Core Selling Workshop

Mr Inside Sales, Mike Brooks offers THE best training for inside salespeople that I have ever come across.

I have made over 250,000 B2B dials and spoken with over 5,000 Presidents and senior executives. I have read books and taken courses about inside sales for over 20 years.

Their Core Selling Workshop is a must for anyone who is serious about a career on the phone.

This breakthrough learning experience gives your inside sales reps the proven skills and techniques they can immediately use to sell more effectively over the phone.

To succeed in today’s selling environment of Sales 2.0, where the buyer often has the advantage of time and choice of when and who to buy from, old selling skills that focus on features and benefits simply aren’t working. To succeed you need to be able to make a real connection with prospects and customers and be able to identify and satisfy what the real buying motivations are.

With the new Inside Sales Core Selling Skills Workshop, you and your team will learn the crucial skills and techniques needed to first engage and identify real buyers and how to navigate the selling process successfully.

Replacing worn out or ineffective selling strategies that produce inconsistent or below goal results is critical to your long term success and will enable you to gain market share and build the long term relationships that result in ongoing and predictable revenues.

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