Mr Inside Sales How To Build a Successful

Inside Sales Team Webinar

Mr Inside Sales Mike Brooks has the best inside sales training I have come across in my 23 years working B2B on the telephone.

He has a Free Management Webinar coming up on Thursday July 28th at 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern.

Attention Business Owners,

Sales Managers and Directors of Inside Sales:

Building a successful inside sales isn't as hard as you might think - if you follow the three elements you'll learn in this powerful new webinar: "How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Inside Sales Team."

I'll break down for you everything I've learned in over 27 years of building and growing highly successful inside sales teams, and after this webinar you'll know if you're on the right track, and, if not, what you can do about it!

You'll learn:

"Why having a Defined Sales Process can lead to a 33% increase in sales"

"The easiest way to build your own Defined Sales Process"

"How to structure your sales training program around your DSP for maximum results"

"Why most sales managers are focused on the wrong metrics - and what to do about it!"

"How to On-Board your new reps faster and more successfully"

By learning these three elements and comparing them with what might be missing in your own sales team, you'll be able to immediately focus on what's important and what's really going to drive sales.

This will make you AND your reps more successful!

All the success in the world,

Mike Brooks,, creator of the “Top 20% Inside Sales Training” on How to Double Your Income Selling Over the Phone

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