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My Chocolate Friend Dave Bilow, an Xocai Distributor

My Chocolate Friend, Dave Bilow, is an Xocai healthy chocolate distributor. 

Dave sponsored the Think and Grow Rich event held in Toronto on September 12, 2013 People LOVED the taste and wanted more.

My wife and I LOVE the peanut butter cups and I love the taste of their energy drink.

I have known Dave Bilow for over 25 years. Not only is he a good person, he is also a veteran of the network marketing industry. In a previous company he built a $5,000 monthly income, which is very rare in an industry where only 3-5% of people earn any money at all.

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Most people love chocolate. We love its flavor, its aroma, its texture. In fact, we love it so much that over a billion people eat chocolate every day. Surprisingly, however, many of us don’t realize that at the heart of chocolate is a little bean called cacao.

Cacao comes from a tree whose origins date back thousands of years to the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica. These ancient cultures used the cacao bean as the main ingredient in a bitter, health-promoting beverage called xocoatl. This beverage was revered for its nourishing qualities and ability to enhance energy and stamina for long periods of time. This xocoatl wasn’t just a favorite food for the ancient Mesoamericans—it also played an important role in their religions, social interactions and economies.

What is so special about cacao? This small bean possesses some impressive health-promoting properties that are increasingly supported by science. Most notable is its antioxidant content. Cacao contains potent compounds such as flavonols, polyphenols and procyanidins that exert unique properties. Cacao is also rich in several B vitamins, minerals such as copper, magnesium and zinc, amino acids and mood-boosting chemicals like phenylethylamine (PEA) and theobromine.


Professor David Kennedy is the director of Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Center at Northumbria University in England, recently led a group of researchers in exploring the effects of cocoa on the human brain ability to perform mathematical equations.

Professor Kennedy, co-author of the study, concluded from the study that consuming chocolate could benefit people when performing mentally challenging tasks. The researchers gave a flavanol-rich hot cocoa drink to 30 individuals, and then had them answer various mathematical questions. The cocoa used in the study contained 500 milligrams of flavanols—more than would normally be found in fruits and vegetables.

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