Napoleon Hill Foundation Director Judy Williamson on Applied Faith

When you lose faith, where do you go to find it? If you could answer that question the world would beat a path to your doorstep. At many stages in a person's life faith seems to disappear just when it is needed the most. A illness or death in the family, a loss of job, a personal illness, sudden depression, financial setbacks, expectations that remain unfulfilled, and numerous other "losses" can cause a person to doubt what before had been a strong belief in the good things in life. Fear and faith cannot co-exist. Either you are fearful or you are faithful. One is a negative belief and the other is positive. Faith defies logic, but it can be accelerated if it is put into practice. Applied faith is taking action in the direction of your belief. This means that you "act as if" the outcome you believe in is already a fact. Let no doubt or disbelief enter into your thinking because that negative thought will seep into your subconscious mind and allow an element of fear to launch a counter attack against what you truly want. If you have a poverty mentality, you will not produce wealth. If you are cautious in creating friendships, you will not acquire wealth in relationships. If you withhold on your job, your job will never be fulfilling for you. If you fail to be of service, you will receive no recognition for going the extra mile. When you think thoughts of lack, that lack is what you attract into your life.

Likewise, in our lives we must rely on only ourselves to muster up the faith that we need to get though life. The setbacks in life are no excuse to abandon our belief system. We need to envision the best possible outcome given the circumstances, and then walk into our future one faithful step at a time. The alternative is not acceptable for anyone who espouses a positive mental attitude.

Be Your Very Best Always, Judy Williamson

Napoleon Hill Foundation

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