Napoleon Hill Foundation's Judith Williamson on Having an Attitude of Gratitude

From Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today weekly newsletter. Judy Williamson is the Direcotr of The Napoleon Hill World Learning Center in Hammond, IN.

Dear Readers,

Having an attitude of gratitude should be as habit forming as brushing one's teeth. If we have to stop and think about how to express gratitude we have not assimilated it into our higher selves. Dr. Hill tells us that if we acknowledge the Law of Cosmic Habitforce and its unchanging pattern we can put it to work on a subconscious level. By making positive choices we create a template or pattern for the development of permanent habits – like grooves on old LP records. Through repetition we carve these grooves into our psyche and soon enough Cosmic Habitforce takes over and we literally perform to our programmed ability on autopilot. The saying practice makes perfect has real application when repetition is the key. Just be certain that you are practicing and recording good habits so that bad ones do not take possession of your subconscious programming. Gratitude is one habit worth developing. It assists us in cultivating and maintaining a positive mental attitude. When we make a conscious mental shift to see the good in the world, the negative aspects do not seem as glaring or as demanding of our attention. Truth is, what we think about we become. And, as we think on the positive things, our life – no matter where we begin or currently find ourselves - moves toward a positive focus. There is good in everything – even if it is only a seed that points us in a positive direction. This holiday season, focus on finding things to praise rather than things to complain or worry about. Each of us has numerous concerns in our lives that could cause depression if we allowed the negative thoughts to fester. Why go there? Instead, decide to look to the small, hidden light within that if nurtured could become a flame of inspiration. Don't snuff it out. Light candle after candle mentally until you are able to eradicate the darkness within. It is a choice. See the good or see the bad. You decide. Let's have a call to action this season of giving. Rather than having unfulfilled good intentions, make it a daily habit to do some little gesture or action that will bring joy to another person. It doesn't have to cost money either. Speaking powerfully positive words of praise to someone in need of a boost is a priceless gift and cannot be purchased at any cost. Making a phone call just to see how someone is doing, spending time with a loved one, or being on cleanup patrol after the holiday feast, are just some things that can be done without spending a dime. Do something daily, and after a month of this type of activity you will have created a positive groove in your mental recording that will continue to play the attitude of gratitude message. This benefits you the most because next your attitude will become and remain more and more positive. It is truly the gift that you give to yourself and it keeps on giving because of the Law of Cosmic Habitforce. Be good to yourself – give first, and then receive the blessings of your repeated actions. The rewards are worth it. Be Your Very Best Always, Judy Williamson

Napoleon Hill Foundation

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