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Napoleon Hill's Ideas About The Brain Scientifically Explained

Napoleon Hill's Ideas About The Brain Scientifically Explained is an article written by Napoleon Hill Certified Instructor Janet Jones from the UK.

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Dr Elmer R. Gates

Alexander Graham Bell

Around 1912, Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, Dr Elmer R. Gates, scientific inventor and Dr Napoleon Hill, success philosopher, were the first to discover that the brain was an antenna to thought. Yes, your brain and mine, is both a transmitter and receiver of thought. You probably already knew that.

Fast forward science to 2014 and the scientific term for this is Emotional Contagion.  This description was penned by Elaine Hatfield, John T Cacioppo and Richard L Rapson.  The team from the 19th Century identified that we connect with each other’s thoughts and the 21st Century team discovered why it happens.

To TRULY understand this and use it in your life, is life changing.

The problem is, most people are not aware of their mind connecting with others in either a positive or negative way. This could perhaps be one of the reasons why many people just accept life the way it is and, unknowingly, connect with people who make their life more challenging and unfulfilling.  They continue to make the same mistakes and believe that they are at fault, they are just not successful.

Imagine this is you. You have had this BRILLIANT idea. You are feeling excited and you can feel that, finally, your life will change. But you have been there before and you have this nagging voice at the back of your mind that says ‘you’re not good enough for this brilliant idea’. You are ignoring it because you are determined to break through this time!

Your thought energy  vibration is a high, excited, level, then you bump into…

Mr or Mrs Miserable. They have had a bad day and just want the day over. They don’t believe in them self and they are transmitting a very low energy thought vibration and they just can’t shake off their mood.

You share your brilliant idea to try and cheer him/her up, but you don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Before you know it, you are listening to problems and why life is so difficult.

You won’t realise this but your facial features will be starting to mirror his/hers. Your shoulders will begin to slump and these unconscious muscle changes are sending messages of sadness to your brain. Your brain will then be producing the same chemistry and hormones that Mr/Mrs Miserable is producing and your energy will slowly start to meet his/hers.

There is a way to turn this situation around and that is creating Happiness Contagion!

The first step is to become AWARE of the Brain Principle and Emotional Contagion so that you can recognise when you are in this situation and take action.

This image I took is a daily reminder of the Brain Principle and it is used to keep us aware of the power of this important happiness and success principle.  Follow this link to see more Happiness and Success images.

You see, the reason why  our brain is both a receiver and transmitter of thought is because of our Mirror Neuron System (MNS).  The MNS does just what it says on the tin, our neuron system mirrors the people around us. I guess this is why the saying is ‘if you want to be rich hang out with rich people’!

The mind/body connection is inseparable. What ever you think, the body will produce the appropriate chemistry to give you what you need. If you are always under stress and pressure, your body will give you more cortisol as you require more energy. Too much of this produced and you get heart problems amongst many other things. If you are calm and peaceful or in love, your brain will produce serotonin and other happy chemistry.  Likewise, if your muscles are behaving a certain way the process is reversed and the brain produces the chemistry to match the physical movements, which then triggers the appropriate thougths.

When we meet people who are not happy or are feeling angry and frustrated, our body automatically wants to mirror the other. Our facial muscles will start to frown and lower. Our shoulders will lower and our spine will curve as we physically replicate the low energy of the sad person.

It is the most dominant person’s emotions that are mirrored. When we are aware of this principle, only then can we take control and make a conscious effort to BECOME the dominant person and change the other person’s mood.

Now that you are aware, if you find yourself in this situation, here are three steps you can take to become the dominant person:-

Step 1 – you MUST change your facial muscles, so lift your eye brows, massage your frown, the muscle between the eye brows to release the tension and discreetly contort your face! Your brain chemistry will start to change.

Step 2 - Start to smile. Even if you don’t feel like it, SMILE. Smile gently at first because you want the other person to trust you so they begin to mirror you.

Step 3 – Touch their arm compassionately to show you understand. Your understanding touch will have an effect on their brain chemisty and you may find they start to straighten, stand taller and mirror your gentle smile.

If you do this, one of two things are GUARANTEED to happen. Either their MNS will start to match yours and their mood will improve to match your level or they will walk away thinking you are crazy!! Either way you get a positive result.

Janet Jones is a Photographer, Speaker and Author. Her company is an International resource for happiness.

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