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Napoleon Hill's Least Understood Success Principle - Cosmic habitforce

Cosmic Habitforce was the last Success Principle that Napoleon Hill added to his philosophy.

In his book Think and Grow Rich, Hill identified 13 Principles and in his book Law of Success he identified 15 Principles.

Because of his partnership with W Clement Stone, a strong and vocal Christian, Hill acknowledged that God's hand and blessing is definitely a factor in the success equation.

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"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." What if you read this each time you made a phone call, or texted, or received a call? Imagine the possibilities of auto-suggesting this into your mind hundreds of times per day.

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In my own life it has certainly been true that, because of my Definite Purpose, God has sent the right people and opportunities into my life. I believe that God requires you to have that Definite Purpose before he can start blessing you to the utmost of His desires. If your purpose and plans are fuzzy, you may not recognize and act upon the blessings that God sends you.

In the PMA Science of Success book that you receive when you become a Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructorhere are some of the notes from the chapter on Cosmic Habitforce

"The purpose of the philosophy of individual achievement presented in this PMA Science of Success course is to enable you to develop and establish habits that lead to peace of mind, health and financial security, all of which are necessary for happiness. This lesson will explain the law by which you acquire habits, and how you can adapt yourself to this law with greatest benefit."

"Cosmic habitforce pertains to the whole universe, and is the law by which the equilibrium of the universe in maintained through established patterns, or habits. It is the law which forces every living creature, and every particle of matter, to come under the dominating influence of its environment, including the physical habits and thought habits of mankind."

"It is not necessary to understand all of the laws of the universe to make them effective in our lives. They operate whether or not they are known or understood."

"But where there is order, there is predictable action and reaction. This is what we term cosmic habitforce."

" also the thought habits of individuals are automatically fixed and made permanent by cosmic habitforce, no matter whether these thought habits are positive or negative."

"Cosmic habitforce does not dictate what thoughts a man must express, but it takes over whatever he does think and do, and sees to it that man's thoughts and actions go on to fulfill the measure of their creation."

"How does cosmic habitforce convert a positive emotion or desire created in the mind of man into its physical equivalent? It intensifies that emotion or desire until it induces the state of mind known as faith. In this state the mind becomes receptive to the inflow of Infinite Intelligence from whence are derived perfect plans to be followed by the individual for the attainment of his desired objective."

"Cosmic habitforce does not directly transmute desires for money into the coin of the realm but it does activate the imagination to reveal to the individuala way to make the conversion through accepted procedure. This force works no miracles, makes no attempt to to create something out of nothing. It helps, or rather - compels, the creator of a strong desire to carry his thoughts to completion through all possible and available natural media."