Napoleon Hill Foundation and Napoleon Hill Associates

2012 International Convention Agenda and Brochure

The Napoleon Hill Foundation along with Napoleon Hill Associates, run by Christina Chia, is having a convention in Malaysia in March 2012. I am EXTREMELY excited to be one of the speakers for the event. Previous speakers have included Charlie "Tremendous" Jones and Wally "Famous" Amos. The convention is from March 10 - 19 and the tours and trips that are part of the convention are spectacular.

The keynote speaker, Deepak Chopra, was just announced through the Foundation's Yesterday amd Today weekly newsletter.

Read through the agenda and see some of the spectacular sites we will be visiting.

I hope you join me at the convention. I promise you will love it.

To book your trip contact the amazing Patricia and Livio Andreatta from Escape Cruises & Travel at 866-798-5072 and by email at

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NHIC 2012 Speaker Information

Napoleon Hill 2012 Malaysia Convention

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