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Napoleon Hill Foundation Presents The Better Dayplanner 

The Napoleon Hill Foundation is excited to announce The Better Dayplanner, a creation of Chris Lake.

I also interviewed Chris for my Journey To Success BlogTalkRadio show about the planner.

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Achieve Success With Time Management

If you’re reading this, you are well aware of Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success, and you’re probably trying to use the lessons in Think and Grow Rich. But you might not know how to get started with the philosophy of success, or like many people, you might be stuck on Principle 1, Definiteness of Purpose.

Here’s a little secret though: most of the 17 Principles can be implemented at any time, whether you’ve defined your goals or not, and they will improve your life dramatically.

Probably the most familiar and straightforward concept in Dr. Hill’s philosophy is Budgeting Time and Money. How can you benefit from this principle today?

If you aren’t using a daily planner, it's hard to budget your time.

My days start at 5 AM or earlier and can run to 9 PM or later. I can make the most of these odd hours by planning my work and goals, but I need a custom dayplanner to keep track of my hectic life – including plenty of space for notes and ideas.

I designed the Better Dayplanner to fit my long days – 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM – with ample space for notes. I included a page for planning the month and another at the end for marking achievements, follow-ups, and other notes. (That page is graph paper because I sometimes like to sketch things to scale. And I think it looks cool too.)

About Chris Lake

Christopher Lake is an Internet marketing consultant and copywriter living in Chandler, Arizona. He learned early in his freelance career that time management is a must for lasting success. At first he used typical commercial calendars and day planners, but he found two shortcomings: the cost was high, and the books didn't match his style of working or note-taking. The fanciest and most expensive planners were usually less user-friendly than the inexpensive drugstore variety. The only real solution was to create his own day planner.

Sometime in 2006 he bit the bullet and spent a day setting up his own ideal calendar, using the best of all the planners he'd used. Removing overly complicated task delegation features left ample space to write, as well as the space to list work hours that extended past the normal 8:00 am to 5:00 pm zone. For a few years he printed out one copy of the book, bound it at the copy shop, and used it all year long. With a few tweaks and refinements here and there, the planner reached the form you can see today in the Better Dayplanner.

The Better Dayplanner ( suits freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs as well as office workers, managers, and even soccer moms. Anyone who has a hectic weekly schedule (and these days, who doesn't) will find the Better Dayplanner a great organizational tool.

The day starts at 5:00 am and runs til 9:00 pm, which covers the majority of events most people would schedule. Plus the weekend days are side by side, not bookending the week, so it is easy to add tasks to do "sometime this weekend" without specifically putting it in the schedule. If you do have an idea what you'll do on Saturday and Sunday but life changes your plans, you can easily use arrows back and forth to help reschedule your time.

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The Napoleon Hill Foundation has also released the original 1937 unedited edition of Think and Grow Rich.

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