2011 Napoleon Hill Foundation

Leader Certification Trip

The Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification trip is the best experience you will ever have in your life.

I attended the 2010 trip to Ireland to become Certified myself. We toured southern Ireland and stayed at the Adare Manor . I believe 52 people were in our group and that about 20-22 people were there to be Certified. The remainder were spouses and people involved in the training.

Enjoy this video compilation from the trip.

Judy Williamson, the Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumet, is an extremely gifted, talented and kind woman. I still pinch myself that I can count her as one of my friends. She makes sure that everyone who attends gets the absolute most value from the course possible. Uriel (Chino) Martinez helps with the training and his biggest contribution is the Labyrinth walk he takes everyone through. I have done a labyrinth walk 4 times now with Chino. Everyone I have spoken to afterwards has had an amazing experience. It is you must experience to understand. Chino's book Lessons Of The Labyrinth gives you real understanding of the history and meaning of the labyrinth.

What I have felt most strongly about the Leader Certification trip is the amazing people from around the world that attend. The 2011 trip was no exception. The people who attend these trips are the most positive and giving people you will ever come across anywhere. I was there as a mentor this year. This trip there were 13 people taking the training to become Certified. It was a much smaller group than in 2011. What I felt was that the students spent more time together talking outside of class than at the 2010 trip. This developed some extremely close and valuable life long relationships.

Some of the amazing people on the trip were:

Joe Connelly - VP Sales of Stratford Managers Corporation . Joe is THE most impressive business person and man that I have ever met and I have met MANY MANY people. He is an Executive Coach and I can strongly say that if you are a senior executive and you are considering coaching, Joe will be hands down your best choice no matter who you are considering.

Taylor Tagg - Taylor wrote a book titled Enrich Your Sunshine. This is a must read if you are looking for personal transformation. His company Enrich Your Sunrise helps teams develop champion employees and inspires individuals to tap into their unlimited potential.

Michael Collins

Michael Collins is, simply put, a BRILLIANT man. In a group he seems to be the most quiet person in the room however when he spoke it was always very profound and/or extremely funny. He has an amazing sense of humor. Other people on the trip who were able to spend one on one time with him all said that he is absoultely brilliant. I am looking forward to his upcoming book, out in 3 weeks.

Timothy Meagher

Tim looks and acts like the grandfather that everyone dreams about and wishes for. He is an extremely caring man. One of his volunteer projects is working with prison inmates teaching them in the prisons. He also meets many of the guys he teaches at the front gate when they get out of prison and makes sure that they get to do many of the things they wanted to do when they got out of jail. What you would never know, because he is so kind and caring and funny is that he is an absolutely brilliant business man. His company Alchemy Dynamics helps companies acquire more customers, increase profits, get more sales and recession proof their business. He is based in the UK.

Mark Ferguson

My roommate for the trip was Mark Ferguson. I had met Mark in May at the 2011 Napoleon Hill World Learning Center Open House in Donaldson, Indiana.

Mark is an amazing guy with an interesting skill, talent and passion. Mark is a coin grader who evaluates collectible and rare coins and he has been doing it for more than 40 years.

He holds single coins worth millions in his hand on a regular basis. I find that fascinating.

Mark Ferguson Rare Coins

Dr. Rani Pargaonker is an Ayurvedic Physician and amazingly kind and caring and nice woman. If you have health challenges you need to speak with her.

Dori Naerbo, Ph.D. - Dr Dori is the Director of Patient Care & Clinical Research at Rejuvenare . Their mission is to research and develop state-of-the-art cellular technology, connect exceptional doctors to patients worldwide and make therapies accessible to patients utilizing only the safest, risk proven protocols. Dr Dori is an exceptionally gifted, kind, caring woman.

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To get more details about The Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification training and trip, contact my amazing friend Uriel (Chino) Martinez at martineu@purduecal.edu.