Napoleon Hill Foundation Message from W Clement Stone

The Napoleon Hill Foundation website has a letter from W Clement Stone on it that I wanted to share with you. It will inspire you and keep you going. Enjoy!

I have GOOD NEWS for those of you who, like thousands, are searching for proven principles to achieve personal success. You can benefit from the experience — the successes and failures — of some of the greatest men of this century, through Napoleon Hill’s classic Philosophy of Individual Achievement. This can be the start of YOUR journey to greater wealth — physical, mental, and moral health — happiness — personal power — to achieve any goal YOU may desire that doesn’t violate the laws of God or the rights of your fellow men. And something more: YOU will acquire the habits to successfully solve serious problems that may at first seem insolvable.

YOU can do it — choose the course, books or tapes to help you reach your life’s goals. Our goal is to help you become anything you want. If we all work together toward the achievement of positive goals, there is no limit to the advances we could make. Just think of it — by being more successful yourself, you not only improve your income, your self-satisfaction, your ability to inspire others, you become a role model whose example others will follow.

There are times in your life — major turning points, we call them — that you either look back on and congratulate yourself for having made the right decision or bemoan your wrong choice. You are at one of those points. You can begin the climb to the pinnacle of success. Now it’s up to you. Take this opportunity to purchase, learn, and apply the Principles of Success that were designed by Napoleon Hill to INSPIRE YOU to desirable ACTION and SUCCESS. DO IT NOW, you will be glad you did. Best wishes for your HEALTH, HAPPINESS and SUCCESS — with a Positive Mental Attitude — I remain,

Enthusiastically yours,

W. Clement Stone

Chairman Emeritus

Visit the Napoleon Hill Foundation website below and discover how they can help you in your pursuit of youe definite purpose and goals using his 17 Principles of Success.

Napoleon Hill Foundation Letter from Clement Stone