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Definiteness of Purpose Scroll

The Napoleon Hill Foundation has a scroll for all of the 17 Principles of Success on their website.

Napoleon Hill was very clear in stating that his favorite principle was Definiteness of Purpose. Enjoy this beautiful scroll about having a Definite Chief Aim. W Clement Stone and he would have friendly debates over which Principle they felt to be the most important. Clement Stone thought that a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) was the most important Principle. I think Hill was correct. You could take an aimless fool with a positive attitude and he will still be an aimless fool.

I have had a PMA for all my life however, until I developed a Definite Purpose and decided to pursue it until I achieve it, my life was not focused. Having a Definite Chief Aim gives your conscious and subconcious mind something to focus on in its idle moments. This is where the power of the success principles lies.

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