Napoleon Hill Foundation ezine August 26 2011

This week's Napoleon Hill Foundation ezine focuses on the emotion of love. It is part of a series on the ten basic motives that inspire all human action that Clement Stone and Dr. Hill wrote about in Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.

I am the guest columnist this week which always excites me. The Foundation has access to the greatest speakers and authors in the world. When I am chosen to write something for the ezine I think of all the amazing people I know who are involved with the Foundation who could have written the article.

Dear Readers,

One of the primary motives for all action is love! It is the force that engages people and causes them to take immediate command of their time and talents. When we love individuals, family, friends, causes, etc., we are almost compelled to do whatever it takes to make dreams come true. All this talk about love causes one to wonder why we then put self-love on the back burner and allow the other "loves" of our life to take precedence over our own?

I would like to suggest that if we care for ourselves first, we then have a wellspring from which to draw in the care of others. By denying ourselves the common goodwill we extend to others, we are depleting ourselves and on our way to a personal meltdown. Take time to care for yourself and in doing so you will be better equipped to care for others.

In caring for yourself, have you done the following lately?

1. Taken a holiday of your own choosing?2. Declined work when you were already overloaded?3. Asked someone for help instead of shouldering the work on your own?4. Granted yourself personal quiet time instead of filling every minute of each day with a time synchronized to-do list?5. Turned down a request for a lunch date, get-together, or friend's night out just because you would rather do something else? 6. Read a book, watched a show, listened to a cd, took a walk, shopped where you wanted to, and ate what you wanted because it pleased you?7. Created a day with your own agenda from morning to night?8. Said "no" without feeling guilty or second-guessing your motives?9. Considered what made you happy?10. Planned for the future instead of dreading it?

If we give ourselves more to enjoy, we will be healthier, happier, and more terrific that we can even imagine. You have heard the financial concept of paying yourself first, right? Well, look to this day for you first, and do what it is that brings joy to your life. From this perspective, all things look more positive and appealing.

Be Your Very Best Always,

Judy Williamson

Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumet

Love, Love, and More Love by Tom Cunningham

Of the ten basic motives that inspire all human action, love is probably the most powerful. More has been accomplished by people motivated by love for mothers, fathers, wives, husbands and children than any of the other motives.

It is very common to see athletes, musicians, and business people purchase beautiful houses for their parents when they make it big. I recently read about Gene Simmons, the famous bass player and singer for the band KISS, and his devotion and love for his mother, a Nazi concentration camp survivor who brought up her kids as a single mother. Famous, and not so famous, people recognize the love their parents gave them and the sacrifices they made to get them to where they are and want to ensure their parents never want for anything again.

Love for their wives has often been cited as the reason for the success of many men. Napoleon Hill wrote numerous times about the impact that the wives of the people he researched had on their success. Henry Ford and Thomas Edison had tremendously supportive wives and this propelled them to tremendous success, despite the many difficulties each of these men faced. John Wooden, the famous basketball coach, is well known for his love of his wife Nellie. Anybody studying John Wooden's success will soon learn the importance of his wife Nellie to that success. I think of the story that Zig Ziglar tells of his friend Bernie Lofchick. Bernie became a wealthy, successful, business person because his son David was born with Cerebral Palsy. Bernie and his wife did everything they possibly could to make sure their son David had as normal a life as he could. Part of doing everything possible was earning an above average income to pay for the extensive therapy his son would need throughout his life.

The motive of love can also help people endure tough situations for long periods of time. I think about single mothers who often work tirelessly and still manage to impact their children positively to become contributing citizens of the world. I think of parents who endure jobs they do not like so that their kids will have the best life they can possibly give them. I think of people who experience physical disabilities and challenges in their lives and their spouses make adjustments to their lifestyle and dreams to lovingly care for them.

Think of the person you love the most in this world and who you would do the most for. If you were to find out that person would die in one year and suffer in the process, unless you earned say, $20,000 more in the next 12 months than you did in the previous 12 months, would you earn the additional $20,000? Would you sleep less? Would you watch television less? Would you waste less time? I believe that, if your love is strong enough, anyone could do it.

Think of the people in your life that you love the most. Think of the needs they have. Think about how you could help them with those needs, big and small. Bringing happiness, joy, and comfort to loved ones can motivate you more than anything else in life to do what you need to do.

Tom is a Senior Research Director for George Media, publisher of The Canadian Business Journal. The Canadian Business Journal is the official and only media partner of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the website attracts over 300,000 unique monthly visitors. Hie si also a Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instriuctor and will be one of the speakers for the Napoleon Hill International Convention in Malaysia in March 2012. You can find out more about Tom at and you can contact him at

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