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Napoleon Hill Foundation Ezine Featuring Guest Columnist Adil Dalal

This Napoleon Hill Foundation Ezine contains a guest column by Adil Dalal on the topic of Hate.

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Dear Readers,

Hate is truly a double edged sword because it can wound our creativity and cause us to become frozen in our tracks toward success. It can become a perpetual detour or roadblock that forces us into a standstill and handcuffs us emotionally. Hate is as much a disservice to ourselves as well as to anyone we direct the hate towards. The emotionally charged actions ricochet back to both the doer and receiver of the hateful intention and keep the cycle going. Hate has no ending other than negativity. In this regard, two negatives do not equal a positive.

The art of turning the other cheek is not for the benefit of the perpetrator, but for the benefit of the person being wronged. By removing yourself from the equation, you refuse to take part in the negativity that can quickly grow out of control. As you stand back, gain perspective, and refuse to participate, you capture the upper hand in an emotionally charged confrontation.

Transforming hate into love is probably the hardest thing to do in this world. It's like turning base metal into gold. Alchemy of the spirit can transform each one of us from our lowest to our highest self just by the realignment of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. But, it is worth the ultimate effort. See what happens when you decide that revenge, hate and retaliation are not worth your investment of time. Focus on what really counts and begin to put your best foot forward. When you look back at your life, have an album of lifetime achievements to remember rather than an album of regrets. Make the most of what you are given. Dr. Hill reminds us that "The only people you should get even with are those who have helped you."

Be Your Very Best Always,

Judy Williamson

Director The Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center 

Guest Columnist Adil Dalal Founder of Pinnacle Process Solutions

Hate is one of most misunderstood human emotions of all. The emotion of hate is usually considered like an arrow with can be aimed at others to cause harm. However, the emotion of hate is not like an arrow, but is in fact, like a boomerang which if aimed at others with an intent to harm, will ultimately only come back more forcefully to the person who launches it. Thus, hate is the most self-destructive of all emotions. In spite of this fact, we see hatred at all levels - between family members, co-workers, nations and even hatred towards people you may not even personally know such as politicians, celebrities etc. There is also hatred towards ideology, music, and other animate and inanimate things. Thus, hate is a negative word which sometimes results in a strong negative action and a much stronger negative reaction.

Where does the emotion of hate come from? Socrates, the Greek philosopher says it best "From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate." In fact, hatred usually arises from the other negative emotions like greed, fear or from deep unfulfilled desires. When hatred boils over, it leads to violence. The worst form of hatred, terrorism, has truly impacted families, communities, nations and has created chaos in our world. The dilemma is that when we can see aggression and hostility as the only alternative to counteract this violence unleashed by terrorism, we try to fight fire with fire and in the process set the entire world ablaze. Numerous generations end up paying a heavy price for hate.

ABOVE: Adil Dalal (right) with Greg S. Reid

So is there no way to combat the emotion of hate? Yes, there definitely is if we understand the eternal law which states that 'negative energy can never be defeated by more negativity but can only be conquered by an infusion of positive energy.' We also must understand that just like darkness is nothing but the absence of light, hate is nothing but the absence of love. Just like only water can effectively extinguish an inferno, only a sincere introduction of love, compassion and generosity can quench out intense hatred.

The wise Buddha explains the greatest spiritual law with a few words:

Not by hate is hate defeated;Hate is quenched by love.This is the eternal law.

In the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus says:

"But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you."

By these words, both Buddha and Jesus teach us that by love alone can one counter this serpent of hate. There is no other weapon created to defeat hate.

But we can easily argue that both Buddha and Jesus were prophets; what can we mere mortals do when hate is all around us? The solution is simple; take a small, first step forward - direct love or forgiveness towards just one person or thing you hate. If that is difficult, at least hate one person or thing less intensely than you did yesterday. Start now. If a majority of us follow this simple technique, we will find bliss within ourselves and spread the same throughout our planet. We all deserve to live in a home and on a planet full of love and compassion for others and for ourselves.

Adil Dalal is the CEO of Pinnacle Process Solutions International(R).

Mr. Dalal is a keynote speaker, author and an internationally recognized expert and thought leader in pinnacle performance technology(TM), project leadership, dynamic risk leadership and lean/advanced flow technology.

He is well known for pioneering several key advances in project leadership and in lean, including Power of Visualization(TM), Lean Project Leadership(TM), iLean(R) technology, Dynamic Risk Leadership(TM) and lean4kids(R).

Mr. Dalal's mission is to focus on enhancing the value of the 'appreciating assets' and optimizing the human potential in addition to developing the necessary technical skills for ensuring the long term success of individuals and corporations.

He is the author of upcoming books are 12 Pillars of Project Excellence(TM) and Lean Project Leadership(TM). The 12 Pillars of Project Excellence includes a Chapter on Dynamic Risk Assessment techniques to quickly identify, group, prioritize and address the risks. 

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