Napoleon Hill Foundation Ezine for November 18 2011

This week's Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today ezine focuses on the Principle of Autosuggestion.

Dear Readers,

Have you even been told any of the following?

1. You never do anything right!

2. There must be something wrong with you.

3. You got what you deserved.

4. You only care about yourself.

5. You are just lazy.

6. You must be stupid.

7. All you do is cause trouble.

8. You just think you are so special!

9. You will never amount to anything.

10. You haven't heard anything that I have been telling you.

These pronouncements can serve like prophesies when spoken to children, individuals with low self-esteem, or just about anyone having a bad day. Although seemingly well-intentioned, these negative statements that are supposed to cause a person to sit up, take notice, and improve do the very opposite. When heard, these statements are transformed into self-talk that go something like this:

1. I never do anything right.

2. There is something wrong with me.

3. I deserve what I get.

4. I only care about myself.

5. I am lazy.

6. I am stupid.

7. I always cause trouble.

8. I am nothing special.

9. I will never amount to anything.

10. I never listen to anyone's advice.

Wow, as if by magic these "well-meaning" statements become negative affirmations that condition people to fail because it is what they are programming their subconscious mind to bring about through repetition. Acknowledging this tendency in people to internalize negative commentary, it would be good practice and an antidote to the poisonous remarks if people learned to hear positive self-talk instead. By turning negatives into positives we can turn base metal into gold. This is the real alchemy of success. You can practice being an alchemist now by turning the above ten statements into nuggets of gold. I'll get you started: "I never do anything right," transmutes into "I do everything right!" Say these two sentences out loud. Which one feels more magical? Now, finish the rest . . .

Be Your Very Best Always,

Judy Williamson

Director of The Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumet

Autosuggestion by Napoleon Hill

Emil Coue, the French psychologist, gave the world a very simple but practical formula for the maintenance of a health consciousness in one sentence. Every day in every respect, I am getting better and better. He recommended that this sentence be repeated many times daily, until the subconscious section of the mind picked it up, accepted it and began to carry it out to its logical conclusion in the form of good health.

The wise ones smiled not too tolerantly, when they heard of the Coue formula. But many people accepted it in good faith, put it to work in earnest, and discovered that it produced marvelous results, for it started them on the road toward the development of a health consciousness.

Another term for this is autosuggestion. There are many articles about it and many convincing stories to be told on the subject. Seek them out if you feel the need of their support. Let me add one point. Do you recall that the subconscious mind can do only what the conscious mind believes? Belief is the most important ingredient in the functioning of the subconscious mind. Thus a word of warning: one moment's doubt will destroy and paralyze the function of the subconscious mind. It is imperative that we remove all doubt, for it is like a door and it slams shut instantly on the idea you were developing in your subconscious mind. This explains the failures of those that laughed at Emil Coue, and all the doubters down through the endless progress of civilization. Edison, Marconi and the Wright brothers didn't doubt. The doubters do not contribute to civilization.

Source: PMA Science of Success Course, Educational Edition. Pg. 431.

What Are Your Rules?

Forrest Wallace Cato Speaks ...

During his lifetime America's most famous self-help writer Napoleon Hill developed many excellent rules for obtaining success. Hill made his place in history by creating rules that are proven to be timeless. Today Napoleon Hill's rules continue to help people around the world.

This great motivator even ghost wrote one rule for President Franklin D. Roosevelt: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." This ghost written rule became President Franklin D. Roosevelt's best known saying. One of Napoleon Hill's most quoted rules (my speakers today) is, "Always deliver more than you promise." His best-known rule is most likely, "What the mind of man conceives, and he believes, he can achieve." While editing the classic book How To Sell Your Way Through Life by Napoleon Hill, I realized that the essence of his wisdom was embodied in the timeless rules he bequeathed to each of us.

Throughout America's history some prominent leaders created rules for personal achievement or productive living. George Washington wrote 110 Rules for Civility. People expect and appreciate helpful rules from respected leaders. These rules derive from the unique perspectives, observations, or experiences of their authors. These rules were also used to further build the image, fame, or name recognition of every leader providing the rules. Every major leader since the founding of America has been careful to influence, control, or manage his or her image. Often they use a printed set of rules to help them accomplish their image control.

Failing To Make the Connection

Sales trainer Lew Nason explains, "Rules are very important. Rules result because of civilization's progress. From The Ten Commandments, to Roberts Rules of Order (for running meetings and conferences), to the Marquis of Queensberry Rules (for boxing), rules most often exist for maintaining standards or achieving success in some area, such as investing success, box office success, small business success, corporate success, dating success, management success, debating success, and so-on."

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, the beloved American financial sales hero and world-wide sales super-star, adds, "Most insurance agents and financial planners simply can not make the connection between being well-known in their market in a positive way (famous) and increased sales. They can not understand this. They know water can make you wet. They realize that over-eating the wrong foods can make you fat. They understand that drinking too much can make you drunk. Most are aware that smoking can give you cancer. They understand those connections. But they do not understand how enhanced visibility and name recognition lead to greater success."

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Enjoy this video of Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center and Ray Stendall, a Certified Napoleon Hill Foundation Instructor discussing The Power of Autosuggestion.

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