Napoleon Hill Foundation Facebook Like Project

The Napoleon Hill Foundation has a Facebook page that I hope every fan goes to and clicks on the Like button. It would be nice to have the Foundation as the most Liked page on Facebook. This will be easy if we all participate. Currently Eminem has that title and that disturbs me. Dr. Hill's fans are a more global audience and come from a broader age range than Eminem. Please participate by going to the Foundation's Facebook page and clicking the Like button. Ask everyone you know who knows of your love of Dr. Hill to help you. This can be an example to people globally of the power of a Mastermind in action.

Thank you VERY much for your participation. Let's show the world that Think and Grow Rick and the 17 Success Principles have made a bigger impact on the world than Eminem has.

As W Clement Stone would say DO IT NOW!

The Napoleon Hill Foundation Facebook Page

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