Napoleon Hill Foundation Nightingale-Conant Think and Grow Rich Program

Judy Williamson, Director of The Napoleon Hill Foundation, is a good friend with Vic Conant, Chairman of the Board of Nightingale-Conant. They work together to promote Napoleon Hill audio programs.

Below is the email I received to promote Nightingale-Conant's Think and Grow Rich program.

Dear Friend,

When it comes to getting and staying wealthy, one surprising formula has consistently proven itself — when so many others have failed — for nearly 100 years and by millions of people all over the world.

If you give it a chance, I can tell you from personal experience that you'll be astounded by the riches that come your way... by how quickly they start showing up... and by the way they continue to grow and multiply.

And giving it a chance couldn't be any easier than my friend Vic Conant has made it today.


Judy Williamson Director, The Napoleon Hill Foundation

You're probably wondering what makes Think and Grow Rich such a uniquely, universally effective program. And how it has made extraordinary wealth and success possible for so many people.

To understand it, imagine what your life would be like if all you needed to do in order to accomplish something great... or attract some "thing" you need or want... was simply decide that you wanted it...

... and then, in just a few steps, YOU GOT IT. Not with difficulty, but automatically.

Think and Grow Rich gives you the steps you need to do exactly that. To automatically attract whatever will make you most happy:•Have all the money you need, live a comfortable life, give back to your community, and pass financial freedom on to your children

•Create rock-solid, mutually beneficial personal and work relationships

•Gain absolute confidence in and control over your future success and happiness

•Tap into the universe's Infinite Intelligence to find true inner peace

It's so simple. And it absolutely, positively works.

In fact, it's nothing short of...

A direct roadmap to lifelong wealth

There are no fewer than 100 life-changing secrets contained in the stories, lessons, and 13 steps of our exclusive Think and Grow Rich Enhanced Edition. Any ONE of them can have a massive impact on the results you get in life from the day you start applying it forward.•One word to always ignore if you want to grow rich

•The foolproof way to recognize BIG opportunity hidden in small circumstances

•If you have nothing else to make you rich — one of THESE is all you need

•If someone tells you never to burn a bridge, they may be blocking you from success... and how one great warrior proved this by almost getting his troops killed

•Six definite, practical steps for turning desires into gold — or anything else

•Why your doubters are DEAD WRONG

•The three most powerful positive emotions, and how to harness each to make your dreams a reality

•How to break free if you think you're "doomed" to bad luck and misfortune

•The secret "mind programming" trick to accomplish exactly what you want

•How to magnetize and attract anything to you

•The five-step formula to trigger unshakable self-confidence, every time you repeat it

•Awaken the SLEEPING GENIUS inside your brain

•The real stories of those who apply the principles of Think and Grow Rich — so you can see exactly how to put them to work in your life

Think and Grow Rich

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