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This week's Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today newsletter focuses on the Fourth Basic Fear - The Fear of Loss of Love. The amazing Judy Williamson, Director of the World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumet Campus, writes a few great articles, as always.

There is also an invitation to join Sharon Lechter on July 12th as she shares insights from Outwitting The Devil on how to break through inhibitions and live free from fear and doubt.

Dear Readers,

Whenever you focus on lack, lack is what you create. Thinking about the loss of love can cause a serious depression to occur in one's life. Why not, instead, focus on creating new and rewarding relationships? When latent friendships are cultivated these newcomers in our lives may not replace old friendships but they do begin to fill the void that is left.

Napoleon Hill reminds us that the Universe discounts two things: Inactivity and a Vacuum. If you fail to use it you lose it, and an empty space doesn't stay empty for long before it is filled up with something. These are two natural laws of the Universe that Dr. Hill relates as examples to encourage you to take personal initiative in your own lives before someone decides to move in and do it for you.

If you are a mover and a shaker, then you need to act on your definite major purpose in life. There are no sideline routes to success. You must travel the main road, or get run over. Likewise, when a space exists in your life you need to determine how you are going to fill it. At graduation commencement speakers many times challenge graduates to become lifelong learners because these speakers know that a void has been created when a person graduates. Some graduates vow never to crack open another book while others decide to continue to grow through formal and informal education. Reading for pleasure is a means of educating yourself. Likewise, cultivating new loves in your life requires a choice and personal action.

Loss of love in any form is understandably a major fear for most people. Rather than dwell on that fear, work on creating the best possible relationships in the here and now that can provide good memories when loss does occur. Take each moment by moment and live in the now. This is the only time that you have, so do your very best to make the most of it.

Be Your Very Best Always,Judy Williamson

Education Director

Napoleon Hill Foundation's World Learning Center

Fourth Basic Fear - Fear of the Loss of LoveBy Napoleon Hill

The forth basic fear, the fear of the loss of love, stems from the basic need for love which every human being has, and is aggravated by the tremendous competition that goes on in the selection of a mate. It is the fear upon which jealousy is based. It is probably the most dangerous of all fears for it sometimes leads to permanent mental unbalance. It can also be very costly. The important aspects of love were discussed in the section on motives. If you recall this discussion, you will realize that there is no reason why you should harbor this fear. The affectionate response between man and woman, which is the type of love one most fears losing, is one of the great blessings in this world, and it can be yours . . . very surely yours . . . if you pursue it with a positive mental attitude and are willing to pay its price. This holds true of the other forms of love which also are so very important to the individual, as, for example, the love of parents for children and children for parents.

Source: PMA Science of Success Course: Educational Edition. Pg. 99

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