Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today June 10 2011

This week's Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today newsletter focuses on the Principle of Maintenance of Sound Health and The Fear of Ill Health.

Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation's World Learning Center, reminds us that we are the MVP in our game of life. I always love the insights Judy gives us and I also think she is an amazing woman.

The article featuring Napoleon Hill's writing is about The Fear of Ill Health, which is the third basic outlined by Napoleon Hill.

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Dear Readers,

Ask anyone and they will tell you that they want to be healthy. Conduct an on the spot man-on-the-street interview, and regardless of who you ask, nearly 100% of the people surveyed will tell you that it is their desire to be healthy, to be happy, and to be terrific! Probe a little further and either ask or observe how most people approach working toward the healthy lifestyle that they claim to want. Examine some of the findings below as you observe and "measure" the results.

1. What time do they rise in the morning? What time do they go to bed at night? 2. What do they consume for their daily diet? 3. What type of exercise do they practice? Does any of it extend beyond normal movement? Do they push themselves to do a little more than they feel capable of doing at the time? 4. What do they claim to have as a passion in life? In other words, what is their definite major purpose? Can you see any passion in their lives? 5. What manner do they have for expressing daily gratitude? Do the have a positive mental attitude, do they pray, do they extend acts of kindness towards others and themselves? Do they give without the expectation of return? 6. Do they consider themselves part of the solution or just part of the problem? In other words, do they attempt to correct wrongs they encounter, or do they just accept what is and move on?

Now, reverse your role, and ask yourself the above questions noticing yourself "from a distance." If you are healthy, happy, and terrific, you will find that these questions and your responses contribute to your overall well-being. Why? Because you choose to be involved in the life you live. Your purpose is not to be a space holder on the sidelines sitting on the bench.

The reality is each one of us is the MVP in our game of live. Recognize this and treat your health and well-being as the most valuable asset that you possess. Because it is!

Be Your Very Best Always, Judy Williamson

Third Basic Fear - The Fear of Ill Health By Napoleon Hill

The third basic fear, the fear of ill health, is related to another fear which comes later in the series: the fear of death. Ill health brings one near death sometimes, so the social and physical heredities of a person tend to develop this fear.

The habits of acting and thinking in accordance with the custom or social patterns of behavior to which a person falls heir, by reason of his membership in a particular culture, are his social heredity.

The actual physical body one receives at birth, with whatever inherent weaknesses and tendencies toward disease it may have, comprise physical heredity.

There is overwhelming evidence that a disease can originate from a negative thought which the person continues to sell himself through autosuggestion, until the physical symptoms of that disease actually occur within him. Many medical doctors agree that there is a definite relationship between the patient's mental attitude and his physical condition. If this be so, then it follows that you can guarantee yourself sound physical health consciousness whereby you expect, demand and receive health-sustaining elements from your food, the fresh air and sunshine!

Source: PMA Science of Success Course: Educational Edition. Pgs. 97 & 98

Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today for June 10 2011

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