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Enjoy this week's edition of The Napoleon Hill Foundation yesterday and Today weekly newsletter. This week the topicis Constructive Criticism. Judy Williamson writes about it and the writing of Dr. Hill is about it as well.

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Dear Readers,

Consider the words "constructive criticism." Upon hearing them you may be subjected to a little squirming. Although many people delight in unloading criticism on others, the opinions involved often reflect more on the observer than the person under evaluation. If you listen to criticism that is supposed to help you grow, develop, and improve oftentimes the path under construction is one laid out by the evaluator, and not defined by yourself. It is a given that if the recommended path is trod, your superior will be happy because his or her plan is now in place.

Napoleon Hill asks us to consider whose life we are living anyway. If it is yours, then you should determine your path's destination. If you have abdicated the role of master of your life, then anyone's plan will do. Think about it. Are you required to justify your existence by marching to another's tune? Or, if your marching orders are still in your head and not in synchronization with your life's plan, who do you really have anyone to blame but yourself? Being a good soldier is not the same as being a good leader. Leaders lead and soldiers obey. If it is your decision to be a soldier, then orders from your superiors cannot be over over-analyzed or subjected to daily constructive criticism. But, if you want to be the Captain of YOUR life, then you must ask and answer the questions that position you best on your success path.

Deciding to take command of your life is not easy because you must then make decisions for yourself and inherit the consequences of your choices. To do any less, is to abandon your leadership position. If your fear of criticism stops you in your success tracks, recognize this and get over it. Second by second, minute by minute, and hour by hour, you determine your future via the choices that you make.

Ever think about giving yourself constructive criticism? This upfront and personal approach allows you to get to the very heart of the matter where critical change can occur. Only you can do it and only you can process it. Hire yourself as the devil's advocate and through an intense evaluation, uncover what you already know is holding you back. Next, accept the self-evaluation, and go immediately to work in creating a better you for the sole purpose of self-enhancement. Riches begin within. Within you in a better plan for your ultimate good just waiting to be uncovered.

Be Your Very Best Always,Judy WilliamsonDirector, Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center

Second Basic Fear - The Fear of CriticismBy: Napoleon Hill

This basic fear of what people will say or think keeps many from developing and presenting ideas which would give them independence if acted upon. Thus fear of criticism robs man of his individuality. It undermines his self-reliance and develops an inferiority complex within him.

Often the cruelest critics of everything we do, or plan to do, are our relatives. Therefore it is necessary to caution you again: Keep your definite major purpose to yourself. Do not express it before those who may seize upon it with criticism and attempt to thwart your ambition to excel your previous efforts.

Parents with good intentions but a limited understanding of human relations, often do their children irreparable injury by criticizing them, shaming them, or making fun of them and their childhood dreams of achievement. Teasing an adolescent boy about his girl friends, and vice versa, is very definitely a dangerous practice which may lead to permanent social maladjustment in the case of a sensitive personality.

Strangely enough, criticism is one form of service which nearly everyone renders willingly, and usually without charge or invitation. It is the one type of service with which nearly everyone is very generous.

There is, however, a very significant difference between criticism and constructive suggestions. Often an employee, an associate, or a child, needs correction. Some of his habits may be unproductive, wasteful or in bad taste. A well-balanced person will learn to accept constructive suggestion in the spirit in which it is given, and will not brood over mistakes of the past.

The three most obvious symptoms of the fear of criticism are:

A. A desire to keep up with the Joneses. This will prompt you to try to maintain a front in competition with your neighbors, even if it causes you to spend beyond your income.

B. The habit of bragging about your achievements, either real or imaginary. It often happens that a person will cover up his feelings of inferiority by boasting, emulating others who are successful, and generally trying to give an impression of superiority.

C. An easy embarrassment. This is occasioned by an inability to express definite decisions, a fear of meeting people, reticence, and lack of self-confidence. It often results in fear of those in higher authority, avoidance of responsibility, and lack of personal initiative.

Fear of criticism is almost as general as fear of poverty. Similarly, it saps initiative and prevents the full play of the imagination, thus undermining two essential ingredients for personal achievement and success.

Source: PMA Science of Success Pgs. 460 & 461

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