Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today newsletter May 20 2011

This week's Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today weekly newsletter focuses on having a wealthy mindset.

Judy Williamson, Director of the World Learning Center writes about her recent meeting with Vic Conant and Christina Chia. Vic Conant is the Chairman of the famous Nightingale-Conant Corporation. Christina Chia is the Founder of Napoleon Hill Associates. She hosts the Napoleon Hill International conventions.

Vic Conant writes an article title Having A WealthyMindset. Napoleon Hill's writing is title Education is not a Substitute for Work. It mentions that we should notwaste our opportunities and our time.

By Judy Williamson, Director of The Napoleon Hill Foundation World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumet campus.

Dear Readers,

The creation of wealth begins with a wealthy mindset. By using the tools of the 17 Success Principles that Dr. Napoleon Hill wrote about in his extended teachings, each student is handed the toolkit for success. Each time a desire turns into a definite major purpose, the success toolkit must be taken off the shelf, dusted off, and utilized tool by tool. Imaginary goals and dreams do not count in the manifestation of wealth until and unless strong foundations are built underneath them. Building a structure takes times, and so does the creation of a wealthy mindset.

I consider Vic Conant to be a good friend of both myself and the Napoleon Hill Foundation. We have traveled together to Japan and to Malaysia as business associates and I have never witnessed him without a ready smile or lacking in a kind word or helping hand for those who need his guidance. This is remarkable in an age where social media has overtaken the extended hand and the comforting touch or pleasant words of sincere advice that can only be extended by an individual who lives and breathes his definite major purpose. Vic is one of those truly great people who listens to you and offers helpful advice as a person travels his or her chosen path.

Last week, Christina Chia, Founder of Napoleon Hill Associates of Malaysia, and I had lunch with Vic Conant in Chicago. We reminisced about his presentation at the 2007 International Convention in Kuala Lumpur where Vic shared his story of success with other presenters such as Charlie Tremendous Jones and Bob Proctor. These gentlemen each gave the gift of giving back or service in honor of recognizing the influence that Dr. Napoleon Hill had on their outcomes in life. At lunch we discussed the idea of giving to receive, and how many people are reluctant to "give back" when they have arrived at their personal success.As I listened to Vic, I felt a warm regard for him because he so freely shared his wisdom and time with us. I felt that we met on common ground, as friends, who had the shared interest of making this world a better place.

Although the gift of wisdom and friendship can't be seen, it can surely be felt and a hug or a handshake indicates personal alliances far beyond words.

So, as you pursue your wealth mindset, be certain that the people you look up to and want to emulate are people with values you admire. Wealth by itself is a worthless asset unless it is shared and disseminated among people it can benefit. Look to a happy person first before you examine their net worth, because in the scheme of things personal happiness and the ability to extend human kindness towards others is one of the most important riches of life.

Be Your Very Best Always,

Judy Williamson

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Napoleon Hill Foundation Yesterday and Today May 20 2011

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